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ECigaretteReviews.com was established to provide accurate , up to the minute e cigarette reviews.  A rather new product, electronic cigarettes are becoming a trend in culture and changing the way society gets their nicotine fixes.

I’m Shawn Mahoney, a social guy with a background in technology.  I like all things technology, and keep up with the latest gadgets and About Shawn Mahoneygizmo’s.  In 2010 someone introduced me to electronic cigarettes, and when I started seeing success with them, I knew I had to do something about it.  There was so much clutter online about electronic cigarettes back then.  Many review websites had erroneous reports, and it was hard to find a good product without someone trying to cram another product down my throat.  So, I created this website and started crafting the most in-depth reviews out there – leveraging my technology background to turn the site into a virtual encyclopedia of information.  I even got some of my friends on board to help out, and I continue to look for more help.  This site is something I take great pride in, and I’ve built it into a highly recognized electronic cigarette review portal.  I try to keep the site simple and whenever possible, I break down and explain terms that some people may not recognize.  This is a new product for most people, so I dumb it down quite a bit here.  After all I may be decent at technology but I’m not a genius – just an average guy looking to keep people in the loop about electronic cigarettes.

E Cig ReviewsOnce I assembled my analyst team, we started probing the various brands of vapor cigarettes and decided to log our experiences.  The e cig review database is bound to be the most comprehensive, professional, and in depth e cigarette reviews source on the internet.  It’s getting new information added each and every day.

Whether you are a social smoker looking for a fun way to puff vaporize smoke, or a serious smoker of strong cigarettes and looking for a change to kick the habit, this site is full of useful information you can use to get the experience you crave.

If you are visiting E Cigarette Reviews for the first time, welcome to a place that was created to answer any questions about electronic cigarettes or as some call them “personal vaporizers” and help consumers find the best e cigarette that suits their needs.  Whether you are a social smoker or smoke two packs per day, there are many advantages to switching at least a portion of your smoking to the electrical versions.

First off, it’s important to know why most people are buying e cigarettes online versus in retailers.

  • 1.  For starters, you can deal direct with manufacturers.  No middle man, no hassle, and straight answers from the people that make the e cigarette you choose.
  • 2.  Most people like saving money.  When you order from your Internet connection, there is no money spent on transportation.  The refill cartridges are sent to the address of your choice, and you can order at your leisure, instead of planning trips to the store to make purchases.
  • 3.  “Hassle free” is a lifestyle many people like to live.  If you don’t like the pressure of a sales person, who may be rewarded to offer you advice that doesn’t mesh with your situation as a smoker, the Internet allows you to sift through information, such as consumer reviews, and choose the brand you feel best fits your situation.
  • 4.  Some retailers move or close up shop.  In these cases, it’s hard to count on them for refills, customer support, or worse – refunds!  E-tailers rarely close up shop, and if you choose one of the top rated brands, many make available their standing with the BBB, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.
  • 5.  Privacy.  The Internet is a discreet place where you can shop when you want, how you want, as often as you want.  It never closes, unlike the most popular retail stores in the world.

Buying e cigarettes online has never been easier.  We guide you with our e cig reviews, pointing out pro’s, con’s, and other information that will help you make a successful choice.  If you have any comments, questions, or commentary, please feel free to submit it at your discretion.  Comments that are of derogatory nature will be deleted and the operators of this site have the discretion to delete any comment that is out of line or constitutes spam.


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Thanks everyone for reading our e-cigarette reviews.