Are Electronic Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes

This question has been posed across the Internet by many would-be consumers of electronic cigarettes who simply are looking for a more cost effective way to get their nicotine fix.  But are electronic cigarettes cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?  This question can be debated both ways, but in the end, all variables considered, electronic cigarettes ARE cheaper to use than their counterpart (nasty counterpart with lingering odor and all sorts of other terrible traits) tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes can be cheaper than tobacco cigarettes if you use one of those electronic cigarette calculators.  That link brings you to a site with some e cigarette reviews by a gentlemen named Buzz, who apparently is pretty stoked to be reviewing e-cigarettes.  You can mess around with the calculator and calculate your average savings if you choose to use e-cigs exclusively, but it’s important to remember there are many variables to consider when you smoke e-cigarettes.

1.  Many people are frowning upon the price of an electronic cigarette starter kit.  Sometimes, these kits can be priced at around $200. Electronic cigarettes cheaper This is a turn off for some people, but at the end of the day, you do need all of the components and necessary charging devices in order to operate your e-cigarette, no matter which brand you buy.  Odds are, if you take care of the stuff, you won’t have to buy the charging devices ever again.

*While it’s important you do take care of your e-cigarette battery, you should change it at least on a yearly basis in order to get the most amount of vapor.  This is important, and batteries are usually abundant and if you are a good customer, many companies will simply give you a battery with a large cartridge order.

2.  You can go in and get a starter kit, like the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit, or the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit, and get more than enough e-cigarette material to split with one or even two other smokers.  Don’t think just because you aren’t in love you can’t split the Love Birds kit, and don’t think that if you “don’t need” all the stuff that comes with the Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs that you can’t order it.  Nonsense.  Many people go in together and purchase one of these kits in a way to drive down the cost of the overall purchase.  Plus, you know, when you order stuff online, there is always the shipping.  Thinking ahead and ordering anything online in groups or bulk purchases can be a very smart way to save a few bucks in this economy.  So, keep that in mind, and go in with some friends or family and you have the ability to save big money.

3.  There are a lot of people, and many of our site’s writers are included in this statement – that feel they “smoke more” when they smoke e-cigarettes.  This can happen, and there are a few reasons why.

  • You can smoke “anywhere.”  This means you can puff an e-cig on your sofa and not smell up your house.  Or, you can smoke at a restaurant or a bar where in the past you were unable to take a drag and get that nicotine.
  • You don’t bother others.  Many people, out of respect, don’t smoke around others.  Kudos to those of you who follow this courtesy, and shame on you to those who aren’t as courteous.  With an e-cig, you don’t bother anyone around you with the vapor produced by an e-cigarette.  So, you truly can enjoy these devices in areas where in the past, perhaps you could not use a tobacco cigarette.
  • A “quick drag” can be an easy thing to sneak in.  You can really have an e-cig as quick as a flash, meaning, while you wait in line at the bank, at the grocery store, or even while at the shopping mall.  This means there are many more times you take a drag, which of course, can mean you are “smoking more.”

So, when you consider all of the above, sure, it’s easy to agree that potential does exist for people to smoke much more often with the electronic cigarette.  The convenience factor looms large, and anyone who smokes e-cigs can certainly agree.

So, in the end – are electronic cigarettes cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?

That decision is made on a case by case basis.  They are designed to be more cost effective, and they can be.  But, if you truly take advantage of the situation and ability to “smoke anywhere,” you may find out that you are spending about the same amount of money.

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