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Blu eCigs Black & White Starter Kit
Classy & tasteful!

Reading reviews across the web, it appears that most consumers are impressed by the presentation of BluCigs. But do they work? That’s a question on the mind of many prospective electric cigarette smokers as they read the various reviews found across the web. There are a TON of reviews of BluCigs due to the sheer market share this company has.

So, do BluCigs work?

The reviews by our team were ALL positive, and it’s no joke that Blu Cigs is among the best selling electronic cigarette brands of 2009, 2010, and 2011. They remain an industry monster and continue to impress electronic smokers with their innovation – including the “smart pack” which will debut in the late Summer/early fall of 2011.

Blu Cigs is the perfect electronic cigarette for the people who want a stylish, classy look and feel. The actual device is a little bit smaller than many of the other e cigarette brands out there, but if that doesn’t bother you, perhaps this is a brand you want to take a further look at.

BluCigs is a publicly traded company, owned by Lorillard (maker’s of Newport)

Not to confuse anyone from their “original” offer – the BluCigs brand just released the Smart Pack, a Premium Electronic cigarette device that combines smoking with social networking. Click on the banner for a further explanation of how this device works. In short, it allows Blu eCigs user’s to locate other Blu eCigs’ devices within a 50 foot area.

If you do some soul searching across the web you’ll read many reviews – and in our search – we haven’t found too many that cast a negative light on the brand. BluCigs is a gigantic company, with some $30 million of revenues reported in 2010. So, it’s safe to say you are in good hands if you buy thus product.

BluCigs have really done a great job marketing, and one thing that makes their e cig brand unique is that they were the first e cig brand with the PCC (personal cartridge charger.) Many people have found success with the Blu Cigs version of vaporized cigarettes and like the pack, which comes in white or black and makes it easy to bring these ecigs anywhere.

BluCigs Starter kits sell for $69.95 and come with a lot of goodies to get you started with your new electronic cigarette.

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  • One pack that comes with 5 cartridges and batteries that power up anywhere.
  • With two batteries, you always have a spare.
  • One wall charger and one USB charger.
  • One year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Flavors include Vivid Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, and Cherry Crush.

No tar, no carcinogens, and no odor. You can smoke your e cigarette anywhere and enjoy about 150 cigarettes worth of vaporized smoking with the Starter Kit.

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Conclusion: With an affordable price point and a great, unique product, Blu eCigs is at the top of the pack in the e-cig world.