South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach E Cigarette ReviewWell, it took a while for us to finally get to this brand, but after many readers emailed us asking for us to share our thoughts on why it wasn’t the best brand according to our staff, we decided we had to listen and check it out for ourselves.

We are glad we did, as we were immediately impressed with the brands presentation and the way customer service replied to our numerous queries. In the e-cigarette market, this company is considered a big player. Their business has been built on their excellent quality, great prices, and superb customer service.

South Beach Smoke E Cigarette uses the KR808 battery, the one we like the best out of all e-cigs.

This brand has been around since the early days of e-cigarettes, back when it seemed there were only a few brands to review. Since that time, the company has revamped their starter kits, in line with always staying true to innovation and current technology. All the while, they have consistently be committed to offering their customers economical prices, and personal, excellent customer service. Accordingly, a review was in order.

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When you follow the links on this site and continue to their home page, the 10% off coupon code is already embedded. We thank the company rep for doing this for us in exchange for such an informative review.

Trying to keep up with all the best electronic cigarette brands, we gave this brand’s e cigarette a shot. Enjoy our review and see if this brand of e cigarettes could be the one that helps you start smoking vapor cigarettes.

Two electronic cigarette starter kits are available: The Deluxe and The Premium. In this update, we’ll do a review of each kit and delve into what exactly they offer. They vary in accessories, as well as design. Starting at $29.99, the Premium Starter Kit is a basic model, comprised of 3 pieces, including the most advanced battery, atomizer, and cartridge that are available on the market. With the Premium, you are given the choice of different flavors, as well as strength levels. 15-pack cartridges, available with flavor options such as vanilla, chocolate, cherry, menthol, and classic tobacco, come with the Premium Kit. The different strengths can suit the needs of light, social smokers, as well as those of heavy smokers. For what you are getting, the price is extremely reasonable and is an excellent starter kit for anyone looking to embark on smoking e-cigarettes.

Review #1: The Premium Starter Kit Includes:

1 Atomizer (the mechanism which creates the vapor)

1 Lithium Ion Battery

1 Portable Wall Charger

1 Convenient User’s Manual

6 Large Nicotine Cartridges in the Following Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Menthol, Cherry, and Chocolate

A step above the basic kit is the Deluxe Starter Kit, and if you are going to use this e-cig, this is the obvious value.

Starting at just $49.99 this package is this company’s most sought after seller. For the discriminating electronic cigarette connoisseurs, this package is the preferred starter kit. As far as technology goes, it is the most state-of-the-art e-cigarette model you will find. It features a 2-piece design, and utilizes the most advanced battery and disposable cartridges. In this model, the atomizer and cartridge are combined, eliminating one whole piece. The atomizer flash-vaporizes the liquid nicotine. When activated by your puffing, the solution heats automatically and thus creating the smoke-like vapor that gives the impression of traditional cigarettes.

The most technologically advanced part of the Deluxe Kit system actually lies in the battery. It is powerful enough to be charged longer than 24-hour intervals for constant users, and has even been known to last up to two weeks for those who use their e-cigarette sparingly. The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with two different batteries; 1 short, and 1 long. The short is meant to last longer than a single day’s smoking, and the long can last far longer. Because of the batteries’ proven durability, the Deluxe Starter Kit has received an industry rating of #1, among both customers and experts.

Review #2: The Deluxe Starter Kit: (The most popular South Beach Smoke Kit)

1 Lithium Ion Long Battery

1 Lithium Ion Short Battery

1 Portable Wall Charger

1 Convenient User’s Manual

5 Large Nicotine Cartridges in These Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, and Chocolate
Review UPDATE: This kit now includes a SuperMAXTM Battery.

Review UPDATE #2: You also get a $100 gas card with this kit.

For both starter kits, there are several different accessories that have been designed to fit perfectly into your busy life. To make things more convenient, there are a few different adapters for charging your battery, including wall chargers, car adapters, and USB chargers. Using your computer, or any device that has a USB outlet, you can charge your batteries with the USB charger. Extra batteries are also a good idea to purchase ahead of time, so you are prepared if you need backup, or if you just need to keep extras elsewhere, such as work, or in the car. The Universal Carrying Case is another accessory that is highly popular among customers. This stylish, sleek little case makes holding all of your e-cigarette essentials in one small, compact place. It fits perfectly into your purse of pocket.

Tips for using this well loved brand for the first time:

If you are looking to begin using electronic cigarettes, there are probably many questions and concerns you have. As for customer service and technical support, this brand is top-rated. The products are always high quality, and make the switch from traditional cigarettes an absolute breeze. The company is committed to continuously updating their products, and are always looking to improve upon their technology. Upgrades occur, on average, every three months. Their customer service staff is entirely devoted to serving you, the customer, with any concerns you may have.

Most other brands of e-cigarettes out there have not been in business a fraction as long. This is obvious in the advancement of their products, their ability to offer the best prices, and most importantly, in their enormous customer base. As a company that truly walks the walk of their product, the company is also committed to educating the public on the great reasons to opt for electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco.

There are hundreds of different e-cigarette products out there. In addition to providing phenomenal products, this company prides its business in their customer service, and commitment to ensuring the best possible experience from users. For first-time users of electronic cigarettes, a 30-day, money back guarantee is boldly offered. It is clearly understood that smoking electronically may be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least you can try the best with a trial that is free of risks. When inquiries, or concern arise, dealing with South Beach Smoke’s customer support staff is meant to be a pleasure. Your needs will be met in a timely fashion, and with true experience.

This e cig company aims to please their customers to the highest extent. To reward their loyal customers, they offer a “membership” program that gives great savings on regular shipments, offers exclusive promotional deals, and grants lifetime warranties on all of their products. If you sign up immediately, you will receive discounts on your first order.

The company prides itself on being in constant communication with their customers. Between their Facebook and Twitter pages, they have garnered thousands of followers. The brand’s YouTube channel is currently on the verge of 100,000 views. Their products have been endorsed by numerous celebrities like Jennifer Farley, also known as JWOW from MTV’s Jersey Shore, Jerry Ferrara, and Trace Cyrus, while being linked to plenty of others, including Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.

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A review was appreciated by the company, so they gave us a coupon code that’s already embedded in all of the links on this site. They make it really easy to get into the vapor smoking sensation.

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Update: The International Vapor Group, parent company of this brand of ecig, has opened another venture. Check out their vaporizers and liquids here!