V2 Cigs Review

You can’t compare electronic cigarettes without having a glance at the brand called V2Cigs.com.

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Since 2010, the brand has been a leader in innovation and advancement in the vapor smoking sector.  Their cig-alike products are (in my opinion) the best e cigarettes in the industry.  Now that they have gone into the vaporizer sector, their wide array of products has grown to be very massive.

V2 Review – A Look at the V2Cigs.com Brand as a Whole

Every brand starts off with the base component, and the most important part of the entire product, the battery.

The cig-alike (that’s a two piece electronic cigarette using a cartridge that screws into a battery, shown below) is still my favorite in that space, and they offer a HUGE selection of colors offering all sorts 0f bells and whistles.  The V2Cigs.com website allows you to customize your order more than any other brand in the space, and you literally get to build your starter kit right before your eyes.  Pick colors, lengths, specs, etc.  It’s really a neat shopping experience that reminds me of shopping at Apple.com.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Introducing EX Batteries!

The EX battery is the latest edition and the highest performing battery in it’s class.  You can customize it in many ways, and there really is no other smoking experience like it.

Of course, after you get ahold of a battery, you need something to smoke.  That’s where the cartomizers come into play.  The brand V2 Cigs has no lack of flavor offerings when it comes to cartridges, and they stay ahead by offering up many seasonal blends that customers seem to enjoy.

Review of V2 Cigs Cartridge Flavors

Many people will say that e-cigarette cartridges or “cartomizers” are “old school.”  Sure, they may be, but for those who want to learn the ins and outs of electronic smoking, these are a perfect, easy way to get started.  Simply attach the cartridge the battery by screwing it in, and you are ready to start vaping.

Each cartridge is offered in strengths of 0% nicotine to 2.4% nicotine.  

The e-liquid in V2 cigs cartridges is made from a proprietary solution of propylene glycol, water, flavorings and nicotine (optional). This formula is now available in multiple flavors, some of them are:

Here are the standard offer flavors made and for sale by the company.

  • V2 Red (American Tobacco)
  • Sahara (Turkish Tobacco)
  • Congress
  • Green Tea Menthol
  • Peppermint
  • Menthol
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Grape

They have introduced some special flavors, that are a limited edition:

  • V2 Strawberry Desire
  • Pina Colada
  • Mojito
  • Sambuca

I haven’t had the chance yet to taste all these amazing flavors yet but they are on my ‘list to do’.  Here are the most basic flavors which have been offered since the early days that this company got started:

Note:  Many of these flavors have matched up with popular tobacco products.  Use this guide below to match up your taste preferences.

V2 Red

The top selling flavor, this contains a “hearty Virginia tobacco flavor, with a hint of sweetness.”  This was the description on their website, and I fully agree.

V2 Sahara 

This is their Turkish tobacco blend.

V2 Congress

This is just like a Parliament®.

V2 Menthol

Refreshing taste, just like menthol should be.  If you smoke menthol cigarettes, you won’t go wrong here.  It’s spot on.

Recently the Kit that I had purchased, I had ordered it with the Sampler Pack, it sounded so cool to me. In the sampler pack you get to choose any of the 10 flavors of cartridges, worth just a few extra dollars but trust me it’s worth it. The good thing is you get to taste almost the entire range. Isn’t that amazing?

V2 Coffee Flavor Review 

I loved all the flavors but coffee flavor was my most favorite, it’s such a beautiful and rich Columbian blend, with a hint of cream and sugar. We all know how important a cup of coffee is for us in the morning to help kick the start of the day. I remember I just couldn’t go to college without having a cup. Despite the brain activation quality of coffee, don’t we all just love the flavor? Now there are like huge varieties of coffees available. And now a coffee flavored e-cig? Wow, I was so happy, it left such a great taste in my mouth and I could vape anywhere, anytime I wanted. Since these e-cigs do not produce smoke and ash they are totally allowed for us even in the no smoking areas.

V2 Chocolate Flavor Review

I believe love for chocolates is not limited by age. Every person in this world thinks chocolates are heavenly plus it’s the best gift ever.

So whenever my sweet tooth’s bugging me I pull out my chocolate flavored V2 e-cigs and get going. Trust me once you have tried it you’ll be tempted by it every time and you won’t be able to resist.  The flavor is SPOT ON.

V2 Cherry Flavor

I’ll be honest, I’m not much into cherry e-cigs.  I tried the Blu Cigs “Cherry Crush” and it was okay, but nothing I loved.  I sampled this flavor by V2Cigs, but it wasn’t one I’ll vape again.  Your mileage may vary.

V2Cigs Vanilla 

It doesn’t matter which e-cig brand I use, I always enjoy Vanilla.  The same can be said for this one.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

V2 Cigs Peppermint Cartridges

“It tastes like Christmas.”  Probably the best way to say this.  Think candy cane goodness and a nice spearmint after taste.

Mojito Flavor Cartridges

I was very excited for this one, and it didn’t let down.  This was released in 2013 and I continue to use these from time to time when I want a little exotic flavor.

Green Tea E-Cigs

This one is certainly “different.”  Think of how an “Arnold Palmer” tastes (lemonade and iced tea) and you’ll pretty much taste the Green Tea flavors by V2.

Grape E Cigarette Cartridge by VMR Products

This one is really juicy and flavorful. Almost like a Jolly Rancher taste. I really enjoyed this one.

V2 Cola

This is one I did NOT enjoy.  Your mileage may vary.  To me, it tastes nothing like Cola.

There are a few exotic flavors I have yet to try, but I’ll list them below for all interested parties.

  • Strawberry desire
  • Pina Colada
  • Sambuca (this one sounds incredible)

Now, they also market the brand Zig Zag right on their website, and that offers them some additional flavors.  When I get a chance to sample them, I’ll leave my thoughts on each.

V2 Cigs Series 7 Vaporizers

The latest in a long line of vapor products from VMR, the parent company, The V2 Series 7 vaporizer is the latest release.  A high performance vaporizer, this is the latest release.  Full review coming soon.

V2 Cigs Series 7 Vaporizer Review


Click the above image to see the full line of Series 3, 7, and soon to be available series 9 vaporizers.