VaporCouture Review and Coupon

Finally, a trendy brand of electronic cigarettes for women!

VaporCouture Electronic Cigarette ReviewThis electronic cigarette wowed us from the first glance. It was shared with several female friends of ours and let’s just say if you know the “girl who just has to have it all” – this is the electronic cigarette brand for that special someone. Vapor Couture is done to the nines, and like it’s parent company, VMR Products, who makes V2 Cigs – the components and overall quality of the batteries, cartridges, and the whole she-bang is more than impressive.

VaporCouture reviews are starting to show up online, and there is no denying this brand will be one of the brands that is talked about this Holiday season of 2012 – it’s packaging is so perfect, it would almost bring it down a notch if it was wrapped up in wrapping paper.

What makes this brand so unique is the fact that all of the components are made in such a classy manner. The batteries come on stylish colors like Rose Gold, a white decorated with gray insignia similar to Louis Vuitton, (they call this the signature battery) a deep purple, and a really nice stainless version. That’s perhaps what impressed us the most in our Vapor Couture review.

VaporCouture - #1 Electronic Cigarettes for Women!

A wide variety of tasty flavors are available, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Rodeo Drive – An “All American” tobacco flavor.
  • Bombshell – This is the “Turkish tobacco” flavor.
  • Fresh Mint – their version of menthol cigarettes.
  • Passion Fruit – a fruity, citrus burst.
  • Strawberry Champagne – release date TBA.
  • Arctic Mint – release date TBA.

The accessories offered by VaporCouture are really unique as well.

The “Clutches” are a nice designer handbag style carry case. Very elegant and it makes it much better than carrying the e-cig batteries around in a clunky PCC or metal carry case. They also make bracelet’s and lanyards in a classy fashion. This brand didn’t leave out any detail, they really went for it with everything a woman would want in mind.

We recommend the Deluxe Starter kit, for $129.99. It’s got everything you need to get started with Vapor Couture.

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Thanks for reading the Vapor Couture review, which is intended for women mostly. For something more manly, check out the BullSmoke review.