VaporFi is definitely one of the most exciting brands out there, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. They cover all ground, they make products that run the whole spectrum in offerings, coupons from the most elementary (but well made) e-cigs, to the most advanced mods and RDA”s out there. Whatever your level as a vaper, you can be sure you’re getting a great product with this brand. Here is a look at everything they’ve got going on.

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Custom Vape Builder

The Custom Vape Builder is a rad, creative, and fun section of the VaporFi website. What I like about this especially is that it allows you to custom build your vape, see it as it gets created (kinda like building a car model on a car site), and purchase it at the end. You get exactly what you want, and get to see each aspect of the design as it gets applied. It’s also a cool, interactive way to know exactly which accessory will work with each device. You choose the battery, tank, mouthpiece and anything extra that may work with your vaporizer, customizing every step of the way, and some models, such as the Pro, allow you to pick your choice of colors. The best part about this feature is that it’s a fun way to compare and create some sweet vaporizers, especially if you can’t make it into a VaporFi location.

Air Starter Kit

The Air is a pretty decent vaporizer. Don’t expect bells and whistles with this one, but do expect solid performance with its stripped-down, back to basics approach. This starter kit is the perfect vaporizer for beginners, e-cig users who want to try an advanced vaporizer, or a cigarette smoker who wants to jump straight into vaping with a higher performance model. What’s nice about the Air vaporizer is that it is a very compact style – it fits in the palm of your hand. While smaller size means smaller capacity, petite vape pens have their benefits as well. This kit comes with everything you need to get the most out of your Air vape pen, so get this one if you’re looking for a basic setup with great quality, a nice small size, and a really good price at $39.99. So worth it to consider the VaporFi Air for your new vaporizer!

Pro Starter Kit

This kit is one of the best you’re gonna see on the market. It gives you everything you need in a fun package. The Pro is just an all-around best-in-class favorite. It is among the most popular advanced personal vaporizers in existence, and anyone who wants to delve into high-powered vaping needs one. What I like about this device is that it works exceptionally well. It may not be the most advanced/ super-powered/ high-tech thing out there, but its solid and gets the job done. You can have a lot of fun with with it because it is customizable in so many ways, and if there is one thing that counts for vapers, it’s versatility. Standard capacity is 650 mAh, which is plenty of power for an everyday vape.

Pro Kit in Colors:

A protege of the Pro, this kit takes all the advantages of the Pro and adds the functional benefits of cool colors. Esthetics, you know? It’s your standard, awesome Pro kit, all the same highlights, just with a whole rainbow of colors to choose from.

Platinum Pro Kit:

Another variation of the Pro, the Platinum Pro Kit is the advanced version. It was made for those who are serious about vaping, however it is still suitable for the eager beginner as well. The body of this sick vaporizer is gleaming stainless steel, which is as nice to the touch as it is to the eyes. It is fitted with a 2.5 ml Platinum Clearomizer tank, which is an amazing, high capacity Pyrex glass tank. This setup is impressive, having experience with the Pro, the Platinum version is nice for its modern, and authentic “vape” look and ability to perform over long periods of time; you just can’t go wrong with a solid body like that and the high capacity tank. I definitely recommend this starter kit package to anyone who knows that they want a vape pen that can handle heavy use and look great the end of the day

Pulse Starter Kit:

Great looking and very nice functioning. The Pulse can be seen as a more basic vaporizer model with a great reputation for performance. It has a digital screen, puff counter and 650 mAh, so it’s a solid vape that has no problems handling the needs of an intermediate vaper. This model may be a little too much for a beginner, or not enough for an expert. This starter kit is a very good value ($119.99) because it comes with 2 devices, so it’s the ideal kit for someone who knows they are going to need more than one vaporizer. The big deal with the VaporFi Pulse is its clever, modern standup charger that allows it to be displayed as it charges, standing up. Cool feature, not necessary but nice. Overall this is one of the VaporFi mainstays, and a great option to go with if you want style, versatility, and performance.

Rocket Starter Kit:

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Not only popular online, VaporFI has many booming retail stores.

Now we are getting out of the basic range. The Rocket is insanely powerful, and it will not let you down. This model gets 5 stars everywhere, from everyone who has used it. It was designed basically perfectly. The big clouds of vapor, the flavor it produces, and how easy to use it is are all some of the best perks. My experience with this device was nothing short of wild; the 1600 mAh battery is extremely powerful, so you can imagine the performance I got out of it. The Rocket Tank that this kit comes with is also a powerhouse; it is a dual coil setup with airflow control so you really get the best vapor action from it. This was incredibly impressive, I was able to fine tune it exactly the way I wanted. For an intermediate/ beginner user, all the settings may get tricky or confusing, but if you know your way around a vape, it can’t be beat. The really affordable price of $119.99 for the kit make it a top buy, any way you slice it!

Rebel Starter kit:

This is a timeless advanced vaporizer, and anyone who has experienced the Rebel loves it, myself included. It’s a very well-built device, and if you’re a stickler for quality, this thing will please you. It may seem intimidating at first to some users, especially if you’ve never faced anything with this many control options and digital settings, but follow the directions and you’ll be fine. The Rebel uses high-drain batteries, which are extremely powerful, so it really produces amazing vapor. For users who are especially hands-on, and like delving into the specific actions of each part of their vape, the Rebel will really deliver on that. It’s basically an expert’s device: heavy duty, lots of customizing possible, and works with a variety of additional accessories.

Rebel II Starter Kit:

The Rebel II takes everything that is awesome about the Rebel and upgrades it. I would not recommend this to people who are lazy, don’t care about settings, and are not interested in total customization, because this thing is a beast. With that said, if you don’t mind toying with settings, like getting a vapor production level that is precisely to your own specs, and you want to control just about everything when it comes to your vape, the Rebel II was made for you. The quality is the best I’ve seen, but then again it’s VaporFi we’re talking about here. The vapor production, likewise, is in the top tier I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The variable wattage, voltage, and airflow are great, however you’ve got to know what you’re doing to get maximum results here. Bottom line with the Rebel II is that it’s badass, not for beginners, and made for the vapers who are ridiculously discerning! (You know who you are).

Vox 50 Starter Kit:

As far as mods go, the VOX is like an industry pinnacle, and I’m not just yucking it up here for the fun of it. I sincerely believe this machine was built to outdo everything else, and from the quality to the performance, no one else has created a device that compares. The lightweight and sleek design is the first thing you may notice, and the good looks and style are definitely not a bad thing! But the performance is on another level, and I was totally impressed. Superior batteries and power are part of the picture here, but the quality is such that these batteries do not die out quickly, which is a major plus, as it is quite common when vaping heavily with a high-powered device for batteries to lose capacity quickly. The customizable options are beyond everything else, and as far as mods go, I don’t think any other maker has done what VaporFi has done with the Vox. If upgrading to the highest level is in your future plans, this is the direction to go in; and I really don’t make recommendations blindly. Keep in mind though, that this requires knowledge of electrical vaping components and a good amount of knowledge and know-how when it comes to building. It would not be wise for an overly ambitious beginner to try their hand at this thing without any prior experience vaping or building; it would be a waste of money and could result in something going awry, so please know what you’re doing before getting behind the wheel of this one! In short, this thing is going to blow your mind if you know how to handle it!

Orbit Dry Herb Kit:

And it’s not just typical vaping products that VaporFi excels in; they’ve also tapped into the market of dry herb vaporizers as well now! And hey, we couldn’t be more pleased because their expertise in creating high quality vaporizers can now be accessed for those of us who want to use herb instead of liquids. One of the first things that got my attention about the Orbit is the price; it’s way more affordable than many of the similar products in the market. Coming from VaporFi, and having first hand experience with their signature quality, it goes without saying that any vaporizer they make is going to be real good. And the Orbit is awesome. Stacked against other dry herb vaporizers, it really is worth every penny. The design was made to be simple; the top snaps off clean and easy and inserting the herbs is quick and painless. I like that you can heat the herbs at a few different temperatures, and that the device does not burn them; the point of a vaporizer is to avoid combustion and burning! I like everything about this device, and really see it as the best option for herb vaping!

Boom E-Hookah Kit:

And just to solidify their presence as the only vape brand you need to shop with, VaporFi makes it clear that they cover all ground in the market. Seriously. Ok, so I’ve tried all of their vaporizers, their basic e-ciggies, their insane Vox mod, and the Orbit dry herb device; of course I was going to experience their e-hookah! The Boom is a fun device, and even I was surprised by the amount of vapor it created the first time I used it. While there are obvious differences in its looks when compared to a traditional hookah, if you can imagine the intensity of a hookah hit, without the tobacco and using a modern electronic device, and getting amazingly good flavor, that would sum up the Boom really easily. Fun fact: you can turn the bubbling sound on or off on this device!

E liquids Flavors and Custom Blending:

VaporFi is really adored for their liquids, in addition to their many top of the line products. They offer endless single flavors in just about every variety imaginable, and then they take this even further by offering custom blending, which enables you to have just about any flavor imaginable through mixing. 30,000 possibilities are available, and I haven’t gotten bored yet! As far as liquids go, no one else takes their quality as seriously, in my opinion. They use what I consider to be the best ingredients, like glycerin from the Malaysian palm, and everything is Kosher. Also, I don’t think anyone else can say their liquids are true to form, inhalation-grade, meaning they are strictly formulated for inhalation, and safety standards are a great thing since the industry is not regulated. Also in that frame, VaporFi’s labs and formulas are registered with the FDA, so they know what goes on behind closed doors.

I also did a FULL review of VaporFI e liquids.  Click that link to see a very detailed description of what makes them tops in my book.

3 Pack Sampler:

While they sell the liquids per bottle at $14.99 each, I suggest going after their 3-pack sampler, especially when you’re starting out because you need to try a lot of these flavors. There’s just so many, and you really should allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing them! The sampler pack gets you three flavors of your choice, blends or single flavors, in 10ml bottles for $24.99. It’s the best way to try some different things, and experiment with what they offer. Go after their “Top Blends” in particular if you’re looking for a starting point, because these are their tried and true, best blends. And, no worries on limitations because they’ve seriously thought of everything to please everyone!

Artisan E-Liquids:

Because this is a brand that is built on going above and beyond, they just added a new line of e-liquids to their catalog: the Artisan Collection. This selection of liquids is ultra premium, hand crafted and pre-steeped for immediate use. The Artisan line features a 70% VG ratio which is perfect for dripping and producing copious amounts of vapor!

Vapor Fi Review Conclusion

I really have nothing but love for this brand. They spare nothing, and they make being a customer easy. Perhaps too easy; their products are addiction-worthy! Solid quality, tons of innovation, fun products, excellent prices, and the kind of customer service that makes you feel like your money is well spent. Want great vapes that perform better than just about any other products out there? VaporFi is the only name you need to know.