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E Cigarette Blog Topics

The blog topics will be specific to the electronic cigarette industry as a whole, but on our e cig blog, we do intend on covering a multitude of topics.  Some of those topics can be found below as general categories for what will be driving the discussion:

1)  Micro-Cigs & Cig-Alikes

These are the products that got us started reviewing electronic cigarettes.  Call them “micro cigs” – call them “cig-alikes” – or call them e cigs.  Whatever you want to call them, they are the first generation of electronic cigarettes and the ones that started this blog.  Click here to find out which brand of e cigs we like best.

2)  E Liquids & Juices

Now that everyone is into smoking vapor and using refillable e liquids, the concept of craft juice blends and e liquids is really coming to fruition.  There are many brands that make their flavors from very zany to very mainstream. While blog about different flavors, but to get a baseline report, click here.

3)  Vape Pens & Vaporizers

These are the hottest thing selling right now and it feels like every brand is trying to one up one another.  We’ll always talk about the latest trends.  Read this page to find out what’s currently getting good reviews.

There are many more topics we’ll address and many new items hitting the forefront of the vapor industry.  This is simply an idea of what you can find in our blog section.  We hope you enjoy our electronic cigarette blog topics and if you would ever like to see us blog about something – or just ask us a question, please leave a comment and we’re happy to do so.