Are Electronic Cigars Close to the Real Thing?

This debate has gone on for quite a while, and the short answer is – it really depends which vapor brand you are using.

The e cigar I recommend is the Bull Smoke “Ace High” cigar.

Electronic cigars rose to prominence couple of years ago as they were thought to be a great replacement for regular cigars. E cigars don’t contain tobacco and in fact contains a lot less chemicals than orthodox cigarettes do. Electronic cigars also don’t omit second hand smoke that regular cigarettes do and can therefore be used in public spaces as well as indoor.

Ecigars are battery operated devices that are mostly based on a 2 part design. This two part design includes a battery and an atomizer. All ecigars also carry an electronic liquid that delivers taste (depending on the flavor you buy). Electronic cigar work on their own and most of them come with an automatic battery that lights up each time you inhale on the device.

In order to get started on electronic cigar smoking, you need to buy a device first. There are many different companies that offer ecigars. If you are on a limited budget, you can get a disposable ecigar or a cheap starter kit. There are kits that are priced as low as $40-$50. The starter kit will come with all the items you need to start smoking. Moreover, before you get started on smoking the electronic cigar, make sure you give the manual a thorough read. The manual contains everything you need to know about the device and how to operate it.

After buying an electronic cigar, you will then have to charge it. The chargers will come with your starter kit and if you have a disposable ecigar, you will not even have to charge it. The chargers carry an indicator that shows when the device is fully charged. It is also advisable to get two different batteries and charge them both fully to make sure you never run out of battery timing.

In most cases, you will have to put the ecigar together yourself. The ecigar will come with a cartridge and built in atomizer that you will have to screw in your ecigar. Once the electronic cigar has been assembled, you can then start smoking it. It may take you some time to get used to it but smoking an ecigar is no rocket science. Contrarily, once you are through, you should put your device down. There is also no need to switch it off, as the moment you stop puffing, it will shut off by itself.