Can You Repair a Dead Atomizer?

Some people have asked, is it possible to repair a dead atomizer? 

Since their inception in 2003, electronic cigarettes have taken over the world by storm. These devices are now being sold in major parts of the world including Asia, Europe and America. As their popularity is increasing drastically, the number of manufactures entering the electronic cigarette marketplace is also increasing exponentially. These days you can find various types of e-cigarettes online. The thing to note here is that all most all different types of electronic cigarettes operate on 3 basic components namely a battery, atomizer and refill cartridge.

It can be said that the atomizer is the heart of an electronic cigarette. If it stops working, the device is useless. Hence, the following are some ways in which you can repair a dead atomizer.

  1. Refill the liquid container. Bring the atomizer near your mouth and blow air inside it from the threaded end. By doing so, you will remove any liquid that might be stuck inside it. Take an e juice dropper and fill the cartridge with e-liquid. Make sure that you do not overfill the cartridge. Also, don’t forget to insert 2 drops on the metal coil of your atomizer.
  2. Wash the atomizer with an alcohol based solution. Dust and particles can cause the atomizer to malfunction hence it is extremely important to clean the atomizer frequently. Take a bowl and fill it with an alcohol based solution. Then, gently place the atomizer inside this solution and let it soak for approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the atomizer from the solution and let it dry.
  1. Fasten and check the terminal connection points between the battery and atomizer. Make sure that these connection points are free from dust and particles. Clean the connection points by using a lint free cloth.