What are the Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes?

Although most of us are well aware of the new beneficial invention in the shape of electronic cigarettes but some are still not sure as to how they work to help individuals quit smoking. Smoking is an addictive habit that eats up the human body, leaving it feeble permanently. While puffing up a normal cigarette, every smoker know that he’s damaging his organs but very few know that with every single smoke he is allowing four thousand cancer causing toxins to enter and play his very own biology. All these harmful substances will damage lungs, heart and can eventually lead to death as well. It is a known fact that hundreds and thousands of people lose their lives every year due to smoking and this can be found in newspapers and also on internet. Considering all these life threatening risks associated with regular cigarettes Hon Lik, a renowned Chinese pharmacist, developed electronic cigarette which turned out to be a revolutionary alternative for traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly way better than regular cigarettes as they do not human body. One of the substances that make cigarettes extremely harmful for our organs is carbon monoxide, known for creating a tumor in lungs but e-cigarettes are completely free of this carcinogen. Other than this, electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco or tar that means no burnt smoke is released in the air, polluting not just the environment but also harming the people around. This means no passive smoking occurs that leads to higher chances of causing asthma among youngsters and adults. There are many other benefits of using electronic cigarettes like they save up money and give a greater amount of freedom to smokers but the major reason because of which one should switch e-cigarettes is the surety that they are not going to harm your health.