What To Look For In An Ecig Battery

Batteries are a component that electronic cigarettes simply cannot do without and over time some variations have come up and some are better than others. The performance of an ecig battery is always determined by how expensive it is and what brand you have gone for. Quality is a prerequisite when you are buying batteries for your ecig , because they singlehandedly influence the performance of the device more than any other component. Not to mention they also decide how long lasting the product will be and the level of satisfaction it will be able to provide over a span of time. There are a few key prerequisites that should be in your checklist when you are shopping for ecig batteries.

The first thing is as mentioned the quality of the battery. The quality of the ecig battery is the measure of how well the ecig will function and you cannot get a satisfying e-smoking experience with a low quality battery. Secondly try to buy a two part design instead of a three part design. User recommendations indicate that two part designs function better and are more convenient for everyday use. Thirdly, you need to evaluate your usage and decide whether you would be more comfortable with a manual battery or an automatic one. Manual batteries help your charge to last longer because they need to be switched on manually. With automatic batteries, there are more chances of your charge getting wasted and you will need to charge more often as a result.

Next you need to consider the charging options of the battery you are thinking about buying. There are a number of different chargers out there such as USB chargers, car chargers, wall chargers and so on. Depending on whether you are going to be on the move a lot or not, you can make the choice that suits you best. Lastly, always make sure your battery is completely compatible with your existing ecig device. It needs to be the appropriate battery component for that model and it needs to function well with the other components in order for you to reap the full benefits of your electronic cigarette.

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