Bull Smoke Review

Bull Smoke ReviewBull Smoke Official review.  If you are accustomed to seeing the Western look and feel in tobacco cigarette products, you’ll feel right at home with BullSmoke’s brand of electronic cigarettes.  Their straight forward approach and originality in branding the famous BullSmoke logo has made them a formidable brand that has gained significant market share.

Updated:  We’ve upgraded Bull Smoke’s review because the brand introduced new e-cigarette technology including 20+ new battery options.  The entire line upgraded, and we’re happy to recommend Bull Smoke to anyone looking for something that’s among the best on the market.

Once you see the famous Brahma Bull logo of a Bull toting an e-cigarette, you won’t forget this brand.

You get all the goodies when you select one of the two starter kit options offered by Bull Smoke.  One is geared towards social smokers while one has the tobacco connesseir in mind.

Each Bull Smoke Starter Kit retails for $74.99, $29!!!!!   You can use “NoBull” as a Bull Smoke coupon and save 10%.

First we’ll review the Ranch Hand Kit: 

This starter kit arrives with the popular American Ranger and Turkish Tobacco flavors.

  • Each cartridge flavor comes with 2 x 2.4% mg nicotine (24), 2 x 1.8% (18) and 1 x 1.2% mg (12).

The American Ranger compares to Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike, Doral, Pall Mall, Basic, & Chesterfield brands.

The Turkish Tobacco compares well to Samsun, Murad, American Spirit, Kent, & Merit brands.

BullSmoke customers also enjoy 10% in cash back on every purchase, courtesy of the Bull Bucks rewards program.

City Slicker Starter kit by Bullsmoke.comCity Slicker is the name of the more social-geared starter kit.  It contains all 10 BullSmoke flavors, including the exotic tastes like Coffee Roast, Menthol Breeze, and more!

Visit Bull Smoke

Both Bull Smoke starter kits sell for $74.95, but you can save 10% by using the Bull Smoke coupon code: “NoBull.”  Enter that at checkout and you’ll unlock the savings.

Why is Bull Smoke so popular?

For starters, it all starts with the quality of their batteries.  The 4.2 volt batteries are offered in 24 different variations, including black, chrome, orange, and of course, white.  These are each sold in short (called Stubby), standard, and long (called Kentucky.)

Bull Smoke Review – Save 10% with “NoBull” Discount Code

Next, the Bull Smoke brand offers 2.4% mg nicotine cartridges.  This is the highest caliber cartridge offered in the e-cig industry, and BullSmoke’s loyal customer base brags about how awesome these are.  Andy tried the 24.% American Ranger and commented “this is the most serious throat hit I’ve had, period.”

Customer Service is a high priority at BullSmoke, which started as a family business out of Nevada and now has a corporate office and global fulfillment center in South Florida as well.  Ask any BullSmoke customer about the level of satisfaction and they will rave about this electronic cigarette brand.

We can’t say enough good things about BullSmoke.  See for yourself today why this is one of the leading brands of e-cigarettes.

12 Responses to “Bull Smoke Review”

  1. Gary Y.


    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback, Gary. Next time you leave comments remove the “Caps” feature as it looks like you are shouting. No biggie, but being an Internet dork that’s just the etiquette.

    • admin

      Hi Gary,

      Word is, Bull Smoke is coming out with a shorter battery in Q1. It will really help their customers who demand a shorter battery. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.

  2. Zachary

    I just ordered my ranchhand kit yesterday, and i will have it tomorrow, and I just want to back up the fact that their customer service is EXCEPTIONAL!! I was beyond pleased with their live chat operator and the way they conduct business, and truely make you feel valued as a customer, with so many choices between brands, i was 1/2way sold on ordering bullsmoke, after talking to them i was SOLD, because i dont care if its the best product on earth, if theyre @$$holes, they will not see a dime from me, but every answer to every question was exactly what i wanted to know and then some, and they were very helpful and informed.

    • admin

      Hello Zachary,

      Great to hear some feedback about Bull Smoke. We’ve always thought they had a solid grip on customer service, it’s good hearing that from consumers like you. Please come back and share your experience with the product if you don’t mind.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. Zachary

    I got the kit yesterday, and charged it up, I started off with the Old West 24mg cartridge, which is is the strongest, and the only tobacco flavor i didnt get additional cartridge packs of, and Wow much better than any disposable ecig ive tried like the envy, very good vapor, easy “drags”, and very strong, the first use i took very strong hits because im used to needing to with lesser quality ones, and i smoke tightly packed cigarettes, even with 24mg disposables, and i got lightheaded and feeling overly good, but ive gotten used to taking normal hits, and this kit is great! I’m not much for virginia blend tobacco like this one is flavored off of, and this is the only one ive tried so far, but even it is very good and has accurate reproduction of the tobacco flavor, unlike the generic “tobacco” flavor only offered in one version by most companies, it reminds me of a Marlboro Virginia blend. If you like the taste of tobacco and enjoy your cigarettes like i do, you wont be missing out with the ranchand kit! The batteries even have the paper lines on them that are ridged and has a paper-texture to it. This is definitely a quality kit, and bullsmoke is going to release a “charge on the go” pack soon that is supposed to be better than the others on the market, as one of their reps told me. These ecigs are also not overly heavy, i compared it against one of my family members misty 120′s, and theyre roughly the same size, with the bull smoke being a hair wider and shorter, so a little bigger than my kings, yes, but unrealistically large and impossible to hold in the mouth hands-free for a sec if needed, no. For my $60 the product and service are very pleasing, Im thrilled!

  4. Samuel D.

    I took advantage of the free BulllSmoke Bullpen offer with an order of over $200 of cartridges. Wow, what a cool device. You guys need to get one to review on the site. I think it’s a very innovative product that enhances the experience with BullSmoke, sort of like the Blu Cigs charging pack.

    Good Bull Smoke Review – I agree – a top 5 brand for sure.

  5. joy

    Just got my bull smoke kit yesterday(city slicker kit) and I love it!! When I first went to the site, I had just finished reading alot of good reviews about the product so I wanted to see what kinds of accessories Bull Smoke offers, what the price of their cartrridges were and such. Anyway, I did the live chat and the operator informed me of a special that Bull smoke was having at the time. You get the 59.00 dollar city slicker kit and a 37.00 dollar bull pen stand alone charging case both for 48.00 dollars!! Of course I couldn’t pass that deal up and I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve only tried the texan tobacco flavor(16mg),as I don’t like opening a bunch of catridges just to try them lol, but I really like the flavor, the draw, and the amount of vapor is great! Then while navigating their site,I saw that you get extremely great bulk discounts on their cartidges! instead of the 16.00 dollars per box of 5, if you buy 5-9 boxes (same flavor and strength) the price per box of 5 is 12.00, if you buy 10 or more boxes of 5, you get them for 10.00 per 5 cartridges!!! That’s another perk Bull Smoke has above the rest!! And they have a rewards program on your purchases that I feel is totally off the charts great!! Love the product and as long as they stay the same, I’ll keep going back!! Love the customer service to!!

  6. Larry

    I am extremely satisfied with Bullsmoke. In this day and age of talking to automated phone middlemen, it is refreshing to talk to a real person who you can understand. Their service is super-prompt and their product is the best that I have used. If you have a problem with a product, which is very seldom, they are quick to make it right and even “over-correct” any problem. I can’t recommend Bull
    Smoke highly enough!

  7. Smitty

    Has anyone got the new technology yet? I placed an order Friday when they sent hte email out to everyone and am anxiously waiting for the new kit. If anyone has any early reviews I’d be curious to see what they think.

    • Moderator - Shawn


      The review was updated for the new technology. It’s all current and accurately reflects the Bull Smoke brand as of today, 9/25/12.

  8. Stephano

    I got the new stuff. Here is my thoughts:

    1. The batteries ROCK. The Kentucky is a vapor producing machine.

    2. The peppermint is a nice addition to the flavor lineup.

    3. The kits are packaged much better. Not that this should matter.

    4. The cartridge flavors are a tad bit off on some, not the same, but I’d say improved when compared to the old version.

    I remain a loyal Bull Smoke cusotmer, they are simply the best at customer service and have awesome products now.


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