Celebrities Smoking E Cigs

This page is going to keep track of all of the Hollywood icons and otherwise well-known people who choose smokeless cigarettes.  We have seen how Hollywood can be a trend-setting area and that whatever the celebs do, the general public is likely to follow suit.  This page will document all of the famous people who smoke e cigarettes and provide insight on which brand they choose to smoke.

Celebrities who smoke electronic cigarettes!

As this page is a work in progress, we invite you to check back often as it will constantly be updated.  Please email us “staff at ecigarettereviews.com” should you have any additions!

1.  Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigle E Cigs


Katherine Heigl Smokes Electronic Cigarettes….

One of the first big names to be seen with an e cigarette, Heigl appeared on the David Letterman Show in September of 2010.  The news of Heigl’s smoking electronically gave new life to the industry as bloggers took the appearance to the web and posted video clips of her appearance.

Heigl’s Hollywood work includes Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up, among many others.



2.  Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp the Tourist

Johnny Depp smoked an electronic cigarette throughout the movie “The Tourist.”

A man who needs no introduction due to his blockbuster career, Depp appeared on the movie “The Tourist” as Wisconsin based teacher Frank Tupelo.  Depp’s character smoked the product throughout the movie and brought attention once again to the electronic smoking industry.

Notable appearances by Johnny Depp on the big screen include Donnie Brasco, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, among many others.  Depp has twice been voted as People’s “Sexiest man alive.”  (2003 and 2009.)

Photo on the left is from the movie “The Tourist.”


                                                                   3.  Charlie Sheen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Charlie Sheen e cigs

Hollywood’s current bad boy, Mr “Winning” himself, Charlie Sheen, smoked an electronic cigarette in Toronto when he was told he could not smoke tobacco cigarettes during a show.

The actor of recent fame and scrutiny for his lavish lifestyle most recently was the star of “Two and a Half Men.”  Other movies he appeared in were Hot Shots, Wall Street, Major League, and Young Guns.


When he smokes e cigarettes, Charlie Sheen is clearly WINNING.

4.  Jerry Ferrara

Turtle Entourage

Yes, “Turtle” smokes electronic cigarettes!

Most known for his role in the hit HBO series Entourage, Jerry Ferrara is known by most people as “Turtle.”

The New York born actor was seen in the Hollywood area sans 55 pounds of fat he lost during a recent health kick that included an admission that he prefers electronic cigarettes.

Ferrara has also appeared in The King of Queens and NYPD Blue, among others.

The hit show featuring Ferrara’s Turtle character is currently in it’s last season on HBO.

More updates to this page will be made in the near future as more celebs jump on board the e cig revolution!  If you have anyone to nominate, please leave a comment.

4 Responses to “Celebrities Smoking E Cigs”

  1. Samantha Caloprato

    This comes after the show ended last season with the character Sheen, Charlie Harper, left Paris to meet his beautiful stalker, Rose.

  2. Susan

    I second that Anthony! Who cares? But I do wonder if Liam Neesam or Jason Statham used the e~cigs or the real deal! By the way, Johnny Depp IS still the sexiest man alive. But so is Jason…and Liam!


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