Django vape juice by 13th Floor Elevapors


Nothing beats E-juice manufactures who have their customers at heart when making their products. 13th Floor Elevapors is a premium liquid company whose main goal is to meet the needs of their customers’ lifestyles. They stand for innovative thinking and represents the next generation of a smoke-free lifestyle. Changing the landscape of vaping, they stand above the competition as one of the best E-juice manufacturers in the market. As a company, they embrace all forms of lifestyles within vape culture. It applies to whether you’re brainy, athletic, antsy, or something in between, they’ve got a product that would work for you. For me that product is Django.

E Juice Django


Django is one of the best vape juices coming from the stables of 13th Floor Elevapors, which they as a matter of fact call a “Caramel Vape-uccino”. This delicious classic is a creamy blend of caramel mixed with various milk rounded of with 100% natural Kentucky flue cured tobacco. While the tobacco flavor is present, it is not the predominant flavor of this blend. The flavors mix with each other exceptionally creating a balance and tilted towards the more pronounced vanilla flavor.

The inhaled Django greets the tongue with a delicious and rich tobacco flavored blend that would give you the satisfaction you so crave. You’d sense a little bit of vanilla flavored undertone which overshadows the flavor filled exhale. After exhaling, the vanilla together with the custard cream sensations begin to take field and complement the inhaled tobacco.

The hit on the throat after inhaling Django is un-rivalled, as it is smooth, noticeable and generally subtle. This is a flavor that you will want to notice as it enters the throat as well as when it exits. It doesn’t produce any burning, irritating and charring sensation, so the mouth to lung sensation is still phenomenal.

Coming in a 60ml bottle, Django is a 70% VG and 30% PG classic that would satisfy the desires of any vaper who loves a conventional tobacco-flavored blend. With Django, 13th Floor Elevapors hits the nail on the head, as it is a classic-styled flavor combination for vape juice. I highly recommend it for people that has just made the switch and are already used to tobacco. This I assure you would be a great first vape juice for anyone new to vaping. If you were not satisfied with the last E-juice you purchased, then all the more reason why you need to give Django a try. Click here to make an order today. This classic vape juice will have you coming back for more.

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