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Vapor cigarette brands have grown by massive numbers since we started ecigarettereviews.com in 2009.

#1 E Cigarette Brand.

E Cig Brands – Which one Should You Buy?

Today, we’d like to highlight the one e cigarette brand that has held it’s ground throughout the years….

That brand is V2 Cigs. Read our review and analysis of this brand and see why we (among many other consumers) feel that this e-cig is the best e-cigarette.

Here is a summary of why V2 is the best electronic cigarette” available:

1. Most people will agree the best e-cigarette is offered by V2. They emit the thickest vapor in the industry.

If you haven’t tried V2 Cigs, and are debating if the product you are using is the best vapor cigarette, it’s worth taking a look at the numerous video reviews out there that show the vapor production that V2 is known for. Vapor production makes the electronic smoking experience “that much more real” and similar to that of tobacco cigarettes, according to most consumers who have made the switch to vapor producing cigarettes.

2. We’ve tried all of the brands out there and rated them on many factors to find the best e-cigarette:

  • Vapor production
  • Customer service
  • Response time to customer questions
  • Pricing model
  • Updates to website, sales, promotions
  • Accessories and add-ons that enhance the experience and make e-smoking easier
  • Future plans and growth model
  • Availability
  • Wide assortment of flavors, strengths, and nicotine levels

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Electric Cigarette BrandsWhile there are many companies that will do well in one or two categories, V2 Cigs is well-rounded and does extremely well in ALL categories. That simply puts them in another league when people talk about the best electronic cigarette.

There are very few complaints online, and you will be hard pressed to find a company with the vision, clarity, and structure that makes them such a huge operation.

Did you know that the company ships from multiple facilities within the USA, and also has facilities that service the customers located abroad? V2 has made a serious investment in not only their distribution, but their actual devices. This is perhaps why this brand has the least amount of “duds” or other defects in the industry. Again, just another factor making them the best e cigarette. There are many factors that went into this decision, and this is just one of many.

The company’s warehouse in Miami, Florida, is where all of the inbound products are accepted into the country. Once they are imported and assembled into the various starter kits, they are tested by a rigorous process that basically tells the staff if there are any inconsistencies.

Try to find another “best electronic cigarette brand” that does this. Try to find one that has the rigorous testing put in place that V2 Cigs is so proud to use. This is the best electronic cigarette not only by design, but by the way they ensure success and satisfaction for each and every component in the line-up.

V2 has over 60 people in their customer service center. Working long hours, this is just a small part of the operation. They also employ many areas of a company that make them an industry giant, such as: accounting, graphic design, marketing, creative, distribution, and sales. The structure and organization that the company has in place has helped it take over as the most organized company out there, period.

Most companies simply import products and re-sell them. There is very little structure, organization, and battle plan. While some of the companies do a good job at running an operation and supplying consumers with e cigarettes and other accessories, only this brand has a corporate structure that allows itself to easily grow with the industry. Their corporate make-up mirrors that of a Fortune 500 company and they are setting the tone for many other brands. They are the clear leader in this uber-competitive industry….and our resounding choice as the best electronic cigarette, hands down.

Not to sound like a late night infomercial, But That’s Not All!

V2 Cigs has a warehouse staff that is into the dozens of people, ensuring every order is not only handled with care, but also promptly delivered. In an industry where so many of the “best electronic cigarette” brands are having fulfillment issues and always amazingly low on inventory levels, this brand has one of the most impressive home base warehouses (in Miami) and is currently wired to fulfill thousands of orders with relative ease. In a day and age where companies shipping small volumes of orders are having trouble keeping up, the warehouse has no issue with fulfillment. In an industry where so many people depend on the nicotine cartridges, this is very important.

You can reverse engineer any company out there, but none stack up to the organization that V2 Cigs has put together. They were our unanimous choice as the best all-around e-cig company in 2011.

Vapor Cigarette Brands 2014

Congrats to V2 Cigs, the best electric cigarette we’ve found so far. We can’t say anything bad about Green Smoke or Bull Smoke e-cigs, but we feel V2 is the best.

2 Responses to “E- Cig Brands”

  1. Ronald.

    What is the main difference between v2 and green smoke? I just see price being one bit difference so far. Any thoughts?

    • Moderator - Shawn

      Hello Ronald,

      V2 has a higher quality product with the release of their EX series. Green smoke is the “oldie but goodie,” and personally I recommend their menthol flavor over anyones if you like that spearmint type taste.

      Cost does come into play, but you really get first class service when you order from GreenSmoke, they have the best customer service among the bigger brands.


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