E Liquids

E Liquids are to the vapor cigarette industry as craft beers are to the beer industry.  They are the hottest commodity in the space and continue to evolve on a daily basis.

Just a few years ago, an “exotic” blend of juice to smoke would have been something like Pina Colada or Cherry.  These days, with so many new juices and liquid brands out there to choose from, and literally 100,000 flavors (or more) to choose from, it seems like a long time since electronic cigarette brands like Bull Smoke were creating waves with flavors like “Grape Escape,” and “Sweet Vanilla.”

Today, you can get your hands on just about any flavor of e liquid you desire.  Alcohol themed flavors are very popular, and I’ve seen brandy, cognac, whiskey, beer, and even mixed drinks like mojito flavor.  The best electronic cigarette brands are moving to a larger variety of flavors in order to keep customers happy and getting them to sample new flavors.

One of my favorite e liquid retailers, VaporFi, boasts over 30,000 flavor combinations at your disposal.  They have “vapetenders” who mix up to three unique flavors and mix them into one blend.  This is the hottest thing in the e liquid space right now and people are raving about VaporFi e liquids.

The main things to consider when buying e juices are below.

When was it made?  This is important because e juice does have a shelf life.

Where was it made?  There is a big movement to USA-made e juices.

Price and availability.  Sure, it’s always nice getting that new exotic flavor everyone is talking about on websites like mine, but if it’s always on back-order, what good doest that do you?  If you can’t have it when you want it, then it’s a complete waste.

Right now, we’re seeing e liquids on the counter at gas stations.  We’re seeing it become a large part of electronic cigarette retail stores.  No longer are customers seeking the most common flavors like tobacco and menthol.  Instead, they are demanding exotic flavors and looking for an experience that can be shared with others.

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