VaporFi E Liquid Review

VaporFi liquid has really gotten hot. They’ve been gaining widespread attention since they first hit the scene and came out with this phenomenal line of e-liquid, but it really is the real deal. This company put a lot of thought and science into the formula, and if you’ve tried it, you can tell. Also, if you’re into the specifics, they left nothing out; simply, the best ingredients, the best versatility, and they make it real easy for the customer to be satisfied. Between the 30,000 different flavors (not kidding on that) and their fantastic new Artisan line, there is nothing not to love. Hands down some of the best liquids you will ever vape, if you’re out for quality, options, and knowing your liquid is safe, the buck stops here. The following is an in-depth play by play of why these e-liquids are awesome. We highly encourage you to give them a try!

What Makes VaporFi Liquids The Best?

Quality & Purity

This is a good starting point, as they made sure to cover everything, and we do mean everything! The ingredients are among the finest that vaping e-liquids can be made of. Do you know where other guys’ glycerin is coming from? Most likely not because it’s really not something most brands are up for disclosing. VaporFi sources theirs exclusively from Malaysian Palm. Why? Because there are a good number of folks out there with peanut allergies, and when sourced from tree nuts, glycerin can provoke allergic reactions, and that is the last thing anyone wants when trying to enjoy their vape. All of their liquids are made in the United States, as we all know the issues that come with imported juice, so American made is the only way to go. Plus, in regards to the stuff you put into your body, you’ve got to be careful. Considering how strict standards are here in the USA, and how they are not as rigorous or rigid in other countries (typically China), we urge people to stick with the USA-made variety. Less travel time also means fresher products for you, and less wait time between the lab and your mailbox. When you vape with VaporFi e-liquids, you can taste the freshness and the purity in them.

Ingredient Safety

4 awesome ingredients, and that’s it and everything is diacetyl-free for safety and purity. PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring are the only things in VaporFi liquids, and it makes for an excellent vapor. A lot of brands don’t disclose what’s in their e-liquids, and because of the lack of regulations, they really don’t have to. VaporFi, happily discloses, and we could not be more pleased. They keep it simple, they put no crap in, nothing you won’t want in your vapor, and they make it really clear. Knowing what you’re putting into your body is kinda important, and really you shouldn’t be taking your chances with liquids that carry a “snake oil” vibe, if you know what I mean.

Base Options

Different ratios of PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerin) can account for different types of performance. PG is that part of the liquid that imparts the throat hit and carries the intensity of the flavor, so more of it will affect those aspects. VG is what gets the vapor production kicking, so the more VG a liquid has, the more vapor you’re going to get. For those who drip and are modders, more VG is the way to go. One really great thing about VaporFi liquids is is that there is no “one size fits all” mentality behind the scenes. They have several choices in liquid bases, so if you like something specific, you’ll most likely be satisfied. The house blend is 70/30 PG to VG, but 50/50 is also offered. Their new Artisan Collection offers a base of 60% VG to 40% PG in 6 complex and rich blends, so this e-liquid should appeal to a beginner, but those who drip or use advanced mods, will truly appreciate this line. It’s a matter of personal taste, so choices can make a world of a difference and VaporFi has you covered no matter what your preference is.

Flavor Selection and Customization

Two words: custom blending. It gets you any and every flavor you could possibly want, and enables you to have total control. You can pick as many as three flavors per blend with your choice of arranging single or double shots as you see fit, and VaporFi will mix them up for you. They have such an enormous range, with fruit flavors, desserts, liquor, candy, tobacco-types, menthols, plus more! You should never find yourself bored with these endless options, plus you get the benefit of being able to try something new any time you want. If anything, there are too many choices, if that is a thing. I have no problem browsing their website’s e-liquid flavors and getting caught up trying to narrow down options. I am especially fond of their “Top Blends” section for this reason, as I sometimes have a tough time making up my mind, and having things that are tried and true available makes it easier. I have yet to be disappointed, and am a huge fan of their Tobacco Menthol, Tobaccolicious, Peppermint Bark, and the Godfather blends, which are all very unique, not too over the top, and very delicious. In addition, VaporFi also offers flavor enhancers, just a couple of drops will add yet another level of either sweetness or fruity flavor to your e-liquid.

Manufacturing Standards

This brand has really stood out on this point. While there really are no definite standards for manufacturing and quality assurance, they’ve taken the lead and implemented their own. Their labs are registered with the FDA, and as mentioned before, they do it all in the USA. They also have all of their formulas on file with them. VaporFi adheres to cGMP practices, which ensures their operation standards are at the top of their game. In short: they don’t mess around!  In this day and age, of e-liquid brands crawling out of the woodwork, being made in garages or backyards, you shouldn’t have to chance it. VaporFi has been here long enough and been put to the test (their website is loaded with real customer reviews) for you to feel comfortable and confident trusting their standards. And if you’ve tried these e-liquids, the proof is in the vapor; no smoke and mirrors here! The quality is evident, and the products perform big time.

So, to put it simply, VaporFi has really perfected e-liquid customization and set the bar when it comes to quality. They offer basically everything a vaper could want in their e-juice; whether you’re a beginner or a vaping enthusiast. From manufacturing standards to the astounding variety of flavors to the purity of the ingredients and at very reasonable prices, this is hands-down the best option out there.