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The Brand GreenSmokeGreen Smoke reviews shed light on why this brand has been a solid contributor to the e-cigarette space since 2008.  Whether you’ve heard of Green Smoke organically through internet searches on electronic cigarette review websites or noticed their NASCAR driver zooming around the track, let there be no mistake about it:  GreenSmoke has been a huge contributor to the growth of the e-cigarette industry and are responsible for a large portion of the market share.

Green Smoke reviews have never taken on a negative tone.  If you look around, you’ll find that everything from quality of the battery to the duration a Green Smoke Cartomizer lasts has been extremely positive. Every0ne echoes the sentiment that this is definitely a brand that backs up all of it’s claims.

Since 2008, we’ve been a big fan of the Green Smoke brand.  The Millionaire Match Maker, Patti Stanger, used Green Smoke to effectively stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. She hasn’t looked back, and since this is such a first class operation, you can join her as another success story.

For our money, Green Smoke’s customer service is the best in the game.

As a blog for consumers, it’s important you are informed about the ways to save money on this smokeless cigarette.  Accordingly, here is a Green Smoke Coupon code so you can save money on the various Green Smoke starter kits, cartridges, & accessories.

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Some older GreenSmoke reviews talked about a lack of vapor production.  Well, that all changed when this top rated e-cigarette brand upgraded everything and introduced a new cartridge called the “Flavor Max.”  The new cartomizers really were a big improvement over the “older” version – and as a team we’ve used both versions (the “old” versions are now extinct so when you buy Green Smoke you’ll get the Flavor Max) and the improvements are really outstanding.

Let’s break down the facts about Green Smoke’s brand of electronic cigarettes

  • Menthol cartridges are a really different taste than other e-cig menthols cartomizers.
  • Customer service is tops.
  • The price point is above most brands, but they back up their price with quality products and top notch customer support.
  • The Flavor max cartomizers really put their vapor production on another level.

Smoke anywhere with Green Smoke, a leading brand of e-cigarettes since 2008.

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Analysis:   Green Smoke is a top brand that all of us agree is on par with all of the best electronic cigarettes money can buy.  Use discount code “AndyG” and unlock the latest savings coupons they offer.  Often times you can use this GreenSmoke coupon with a storewide sale and save even bigger.  You’ll have no regrets buying Green Smoke as an alternative to cigarettes.  Please leave comments and reviews below of Green Smoke’s brand.  Thankx!

The only brand we have rated higher is the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette review.

15 Responses to “Green Smoke E Cigarettes”

  1. Harvey K.

    I’ve been a Green Smoke user for about a year. It’s been the best “quit smoking” device I’ve ever tried. I get the same movements, feels and pleasure, only without the harmful effects or need to always look for a lighter. I can’t say there is anything that has made me feel better about “still smoking.”

  2. Melisa G.

    I successfully quit smoking socially due to these. I am so happy to have found Green Smoke E Cigarettes. I have not tried other brands, but this one works, so I’ll be sticking to it for now.

  3. Christina Dixon

    My husband and I have been using Green smoke since October 2010, and neither of us has picked up a cigarette since. Green smoke helped us kick this ugly habit! We love it and highly recommend it.

  4. sohrab

    Green Smoke was one of the first electronic cigarette brands to incorporate a fresh atomizer into every new cartridge.
    Their two piece e-cigarette design has been duplicated by several e-cig companies because a lot of e-cigarette users
    like the convenience of just throwing out a cartridge,along with the atomizer and nicotine pad after the cartridge has been used.

  5. Miki

    I love Green Smoke, been puffing on these ecigs for about 2 years. I don’t like the price point, but their service has been spectacular and for that reason I am a loyal user of their products. Perhaps they will come out with a manual release some day as that seems to be a popular product from what I read.

    Thanks for your reviews, they are spot on.

    • admin

      Thanks for your input, Miki. I do my best to keep the site fresh with solid up to the minute reviews.


  6. Hannah

    I received my Greensmoke products a week ago. I don’t miss regular cigarettes one bit. I actually prefer the Greensmoke vaping experience to sucking in smoke! I have been curious about BluCigs, but they use citric acid in their smoke juice, which can cause heartburn. I stopped smoking partly in order to reduce my acid reflux, so…no thanks!!!

    I did not order a regular starter kit; I bought one battery, one USB charger, and 2 packs of cartomizers: Menthol Ice strong strength and Vanilla Dreams full strength.
    I’ve tried a couple of e-cigs that are locally available in stores, and there is NO comparison in terms of flavor. Vanilla tastes the way pipe smoke smells; a deep smoky vanilla, not too sweet. Menthol is quite minty, not medicinal, with kind of a spicy bite at the end. Fantastic vapor volume and throat kick. I usually smoke 2 packs a week. I’ve been puffing more on this e-cig because I can smoke indoors, but my 2 cartridges are still going strong!!

    My only real complaint about this e-cig is the extensive charge time. 4-6 hours to fully charge the long battery…the waiting can be excruciating, so I just ordered an extra battery during the Labor Day sale.

    The customer service is impeccable. I had to cancel a large order, and they took care of it right away. They answer all of my questions via email very promptly. Best of all, my products arrive in the mail within 2 days of placing my order! (They’re Florida-based and I live on the East Coast, but I was still shocked.) Yes, this product is a bit expensive to get started with, but you definitely get a high-quality product and great customer service to back it up. I would recommend GreenSmoke to anyone serious about switching to vapor cigs!!!

  7. Dusty

    I have been a long time GreenSmoke supporter until they changed their Menthol to what tastes like eucalyptus – pretty bad – I am looking for a TOBACCO Menthol taste – definitely NOT what they are selling now…too bad because as noted in other comments – the customer service was excellent…

    • admin

      Hi Kelly,

      You won’t be let down. Green Smoke is a class act. You made a great investment. Please come back and give us your feedback, okay?

  8. Ginger

    Anyone know how to tell the high powered adapters and new cartridge from the old (site says new high powered adapters). Bought a starter kit locally, but haven’t used it yet. Same price, but I believe what I purchased is possibly an older version (adapter and cartomizers). Cartomizers say Green Smoke it’s electric not FlavorMax.

    • admin

      Hi Ginger,

      You said it yourself. The new cartridges clearly state “flavor max” on the packaging and have a label that reads “25% more vapor.” You definitely have the older version of that product. Make an order – the difference is incredible, Green Smoke really stepped up their product with the Flavor Max upgrade.

  9. Kris

    I’m weighing pros and cons between V2 and Green Smoke. I smoke Doral Ultralight 100s presently – about 6-8 per day using tar-guard filter tips. My goal is to eliminate the tar, carbon-monoxide, etc. – but NOT the nicotine from my life. I am hoping that admin is familiar with their competitor-V2 – and can provide some feedback that will help me decide between the two products. I so wish I could simply try one of each and decide for myself – but – that would be cost prohibitive. Both companies appear to have great customer support, and a good solid product. Maybe this is simply a matter of personal preference? Or is there an additive in V2′s cartridges that is not good? What’s this about an atomizer? Any helpful info will sure be appreciated.

    • admin

      Hi Kris,

      You are basically choosing between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari at this point. Those are the two most recommended brands at the moment. Both products use a two piece design, so the atomizer is built in.

      Here is where V2 Cigs wins: Price, product selection, amount of vapor.

      Here is where Green Smoke wins: Customer Service, years in business, return policy.

      You did hit the nail on the head, a lot of it at this point is personal preference.


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