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Green Smoke CouponGreen Smoke e cigarette reviews shed light on why this brand has been a solid contributor to the e-cigarette space since 2008.

Whether you’ve heard of this e-cig organically through internet searches or for the first time ever on, the Official e cigarette review site, or noticed their NASCAR driver zooming around the track, let there be no mistake about it: GreenSmoke has been a huge contributor to the growth of the e-cigarette industry and are responsible for a large portion of the market share.

This brand’s reputation has never been hurt, and the company was purchased by Altria, of Big Tobacco, for this reason, in over a $100 million acquisition.

Since 2008, we’ve been a big fan of this e cig brand. The Millionaire Match Maker, Patti Stanger, used Green Smoke to effectively stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. She hasn’t looked back, and since this is such a first class operation, you can join her as another success story.

As a blog for consumers, it’s important you are informed about the ways to save money on this smokeless cigarette. Accordingly, here is a coupon code so you can save money on the various starter kits, cartridges, & accessories.

Here is the current Green Smoke Coupon: AndyG

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Some older GreenSmoke reviews talked about a lack of vapor production. Well, that all changed when this top rated e-cigarette brand upgraded everything and introduced a new cartridge called the “FlavorMax.” The new cartomizers really were a big improvement over the “older” version – and as a team we’ve used both versions (the “old” versions are now extinct so when you buy a starter kit, you’ll get the FlavorMax) and the improvements are really outstanding.

The flavors include Smooth Chocolate, Menthol Ice, Red Label Tobacco, Absolute Tobacco, and Tobacco Gold. The cartridges come in five different nicotine levels to suit all preferences: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and 0%. The most popular level is 2.4%.

What the company does not do is provide cartridges that are refillable. If I had to guess it would be that Green Smoke does not sell its own e liquid. I’m going to predict that they will soon create their own juice or partner with a brand that offers bottles online as well as refillable cartridges as an added bonus. This seems to be how the industry is trending. A blank cartridge typically lasts for 5 or more refills.The company could justify making cartridges attracting customers who seek to reduce landfill waste, thus being a truly “Green” organization. Customers would win because refilling tends to be cheaper, especially considering these are possibly the highest priced cartridges at almost $17 for 5. They could probably argue their product is better because they are sealed better to be fresher, and provide a larger vape. Currently, the cartridges are triple-sealed. The company also lab tests their products to make sure they are suitable for customers to use.

Let’s break down some other facts about this brand of e cigarette

  • Menthol cartridges are a really different taste than other e-cig menthol’s cartomizers.
  • Customer service is tops with friendly, helpful, knowledgeable customer care.
  • The price point is above most brands, but they back up their price with quality products and top notch customer support.
  • Instead of producing hundreds of different flavors, the lower flavor selections allows for higher quality and larger vapor volume
  • The strong, durable battery provides long lasting, smooth airflow.

As with all e-cig brands, you can smoke anywhere. Use the coupon link below to get this leading brand of e-cigarettes since 2008.

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Analysis: This brand of e-cig is a top brand that all of us agree is on par with all of the best electronic cigarettes money can buy. Use the Green Smoke coupon code “AndyG” and unlock the latest savings coupons they offer. Often times you can use this coupon with a store wide sale and save even bigger. You’ll have no regrets buying their e cigarette as an alternative to regular cigarettes. Please leave comments and reviews. Thankx!

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