Halo Cigs Review

Halo Cigs ReviewHalo Cigs Review.

A special post today will talk about a side of electronic cigarettes that most people don’t know about.  What we’re talking about is “e-liquid” and “e-juice.” Halos Cigs offers both of these options, and we invite you to read about it in our first Halo Cigs Review.

A unique electronic cigarette brand has popped up that has been garnering solid e-liquid, e-juice, reviews is Halo Cigs. Halo Cigs is a brand that goes into intense detail about their e-juice, and they have a product that is packaged entirely different from the the rest of the e cigarette industry. So, if you find yourself as one of the people that like to use e-juice, you may want to check out Halo Cigs.

Here is quick overview of what Halo Cigs has to offer.

As far as e-juice goes, they offer the following flavors.

Tribeca, Torque 56, Midnight Apple, Prime 15, Malibu Menthol, Cool Mist Menthol, Menthol Ice, Captain Jack, Tiki Juice, Bella Valente, Fusion, and Smooth 8.

More about the Halo Cigs ingredients….

Halo Cigs uses USP Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) and USP Grade Glycerin (VG) in conjunction with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients in Halo Cigs e-liquid are FDA and FEMA approved food additives, and Halo Cigs uses only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine, complete with an individual “Certificate of Analysis.”  We haven’t read of any other electronic cigarette brand talk about this in the “e-juice” sector.  The Halo Cigs nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 98%-99% pure before it’s turned int0 “e-liquid” in their facility, which is based in the USA.

(The nicotine base is made by laboratory trained chemists, also residing in the USA.)

Bottles start at $5.99 for a 7 ML bottle and go up to $14 for a 30 ML glass bottle. It’s not stated just how many cigarettes this will equate to, but it largely depends on how much juice you fill your cartridge with.

Halo E Cigarettes also sell accessories such as tweezers and empty bottles for your e-juice.  It’s worth noting that all of the Halo Cigs e-juice is made in the USA.  All of the e-liquid comes with born-on dates and a tracking number, so you will know that what you are ordering is fresh.  We haven’t seen another e-liquid brand offer this so far, so this is impressive.

Click Here to visit Halo Cigs.

Halo also has a traditional electronic cigarette starter kit, called the Halo G6.

The Halo G6 is sold in many different options and battery colors, so you can essentially customize your experience.

Kit includes (2) Fuchsia Batteries, (1) Wall Charger, (1) USB Adapter, (2) Blank Cartomizers, (5) Prefilled Cartomizers, (1) Storage Tin and (1) Cartomizer Carrying Case.

One cool thing about Halo G6 electronic cigarette starter kit is that if your order is over $75 you get FREE priority shipping inside the USA.  Thanks for reading the Halo Cigs Review, and be sure to check out their website should you have any questions or want to learn more.

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  1. Daniel Kelley

    Halo E-cigarettes are good. By my using them I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. Now I don’t even use the e-cigarette. While I was using the Halo e-cig I really enjoyed it.


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