How Vapor Smoking Works

Since e cigarette smoking is a rather new concept for most people across the world, this page aims to explain just exactly how they work.

how do electronic cigarettes workElectronic cigarettes have come a long way in the few years this site has been online. They are now available at retailers such as Walgreens (Blu Cigs) and 7 – 11 (various e cigarette brands).

Hon Lik, of China, gets credit for making the first vapor emitting e cig, over 11 years ago, in 2003.  The product hit the market and took to shelves the following year.  In 2005, the e-cig made it’s away abroad and into malls in the USA, and in 2007, Lik earned a patent for the product (which he later sold.)  The early days of vapor cigarettes weren’t very triumphant, but as people told other people about the successes they had with e cigs, the message started spreading.

Shopping mall kiosks don’t get a lot of the credit they are due, but the demonstrations given by kiosk workers certainly helped educate the public, who then took their views to the Internet, and found sites like, which has forever housed the most up to date reviews of e-cigarettes since 2009.

There are MANY supporters of these products, but of course there are detractors as well. Big Tobacco brands are not cool with their massive market share being chewed up by a product that is completely fine to smoke in bars, restaurants, and other public venues where their products are strictly prohibited. There are lobbyists everywhere trying to stop the importation of electronic smoking devices, and the long term plan for these devices is something of unpredictable nature.

On the other hand, the support grows every day. With people out there “vaping” in public and displaying their e smoking devices for the world to see, the recognition of these products grows and people welcome them in bars and pubs. Even people who work in corporate America are supporting the devices. It makes sense, employee smoke breaks take time and cut into the profitability of the organization. An e cigarette can be puffed on anywhere, meaning that since there is no flame, no odor, and no mess, even an office cubicle is a perfectly fine place to smoke the vaporized water solution.

Where electronic cigarettes will go in the future is anyone’s guess…..but for now we’re here to help consumers find out about these awesome devices, and to keep a virtual library of electronic cigarette reviews on file for people to read so they can not only find an e cig by reading our reviews for the smoking preference, but also so they can share tips and reviews with like-minded consumers.

If you haven’t viewed our current selection as the top rated e cig brand, please check it out. Several hundred hours using electronic cigarette smoking products went into our research in order to make this site the comprehensive resource it’s become.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to share your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc, anywhere desired. We’ll continue to keep you informed about all things that have to do with electronic cigarettes.