NJoy E Cigarettes Review


the largest brand of e-cigarettes in the USA

NPRO by NJoy

One of the longest running brands out there, NJoy Electronic Cigarettes don’t get a ton of press like other brands.  Not sure why, but they don’t appear on all of the top electronic cigarette blogs.  However, there have been no complaints generated and NJoy remains in great standing with all of the e cigarette sites polled.

This is a Retail Brand of Electronic Cigarette, mostly found in gas stations. They are doing a HUGE push right now with gobs of advertising.

If you are looking for a brand to buy online, check out V2 Cigs, our top rated brand.

Many things have changed since we posted this review, so we’ll be changing this page in the coming weeks.  (Updated January 8, 2013.)

Perhaps best known for the Npro starter kit, amply using the tag line “The Pleasures of Smoking,” NJoy boasts about being an accredited business.  That, coupled with the full disclosure of a money back guarantee, show that NJoy has been reputable in their existence marketing their brand of e cigs.  With all the fly by night companies popping up, which we won’t give free marketing to, it’s important that you only buy e cigarettes from trust companies.  NJoy is certainly a brand we can put our stamp of approval on.

The NPRO Starter Kit offers the following to new smokeless cigarette smokers:

  • Produces three times the volume as the previous model starter kits
  • The 2N2 starter kit gives you everything you can enjoy right away:  a device offered in many colors, a battery charger, two batteries, and 10 cartridges of traditional flavor.

Offered at $79.95, this is on the value side of e cigarettes.  If you are looking for a respected brand that has no documented complaints, NJoy is worth checking out.


One Response to “NJoy E Cigarettes Review”

  1. Steve Miller

    After trying this Njoy product I find no real taste very little vapor hit and no vapor hit after the first 2-3 puffs. No return policy once you buy it you get to find you wasted your money. I would suggest everyone wanting to try electronic cigarettes to stay away fromt his product.


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