Personal and Dry Herb Vaporizers

The vaporizer space is the latest craze in e cigarette smoking.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to accept these devices as main stream, but after some serious consideration (and a lot of testing of products), I’ve decided to include them and give my vaporizer reviews.

While it wasn’t always something I embraced, there is no doubt that the advanced personal vaporizer has really hit home with consumers.  If you look around, there are probably more people out there in the vape community using a box mod or vape pen then the traditional two piece electronic cigarette.

There’s a wide variety of products in this space, and they are all manufactured for different reasons.  For simplicity sake, the majority of the stuff you’ll see under review will be a vaping product using e liquids.   Most of the major brands in the sector like V2 Cigs parent company VMR Products, Vapor Fi of the International Vapor Group, are already getting involved with this space.  Even the popular South Beach Smoke has vapor pens.

Some companies have gone to great lengths to make open source products with variable voltage, which allows the user ultimate control over their experience.  Control the voltage and OHMS and really dial in your personal favorite vape.

Of course, with the rapid legalization (in some States at least) of medical marijuana, the dry herb vaporizer space continues to soar to new heights.  Many companies are making pens and other devices that are hiding any trace smell of marijuana and assisting users of medical marijuana in getting their medication delivered in a very easy-to-use manner.

It’s worth noting that in this segment of vapor smoking, there are many technical differences that differentiate products from one another.  While you don’t need a PHD to figure out these differences, I’ll note that it’s not always as easy in choosing a device as it may seem on the surface.  I do my best to provide review charts comparing vaporizers (much like I compare e-cigs) and point out subtle and major differences.

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