Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a vaporizer brand that produces advanced personal vaporizers and vape pens.  They market “the finest vaporizers on planet Earth.”   They are located in Colorado.

When I first visited their website, I was in SHOCK with the number of products they had for sale.  They allow FULL customization of vaporizers, which is crazy.  Nobody else is offering this.  They allow you to choose color schemes, voltage, your wand type, hose color, and you can even choose to get a glass aroma top.  When you do that, you get a FREE wax melt sample.

Note:  I’m not sure what the parameters are on ordering some of this stuff.  You MIGHT have to be in Colorado for the wax, but I’ll check up on that and report back.

For $270, you get the FULL customization mentioned above and the highest quality device I’ve seen in quite a while.

They also offer vape pens, as well as EVO liquids, but it’s nothing that is different from anywhere else.  There are higher quality vape pens out there as these are all just stock, and of course, EVO liquid is mass made and available anywhere.  On the bright side, if you do find yourself needing anything for your vaping habit, you can buy just about anything here so if you come for a Silver Surfer vaporizer and need other accessories to go with your open source units, you can get it all here and not spend more money on shipping.

For me, the value of Silver Surfer is their own, customizable vaporizer.  That’s the big thing they have going for them.

At first sight, you will notice that the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is quite expensive. 

The flavor isn’t as good as other ecigs I have tried, but the good news is that this unit supports flavors from other vendors. So grab your favorite eliquid from any vendor like Mt Baker Vapor and just put it in and you are ready to go.

One cool thing I’ll note as well is they offer discounts on “blemished” products.  So if price is an issue for you, go that route and take one with a slight color defect. It shouldn’t lack quality at all, and face it, your vaporizers will get blemished over time anyways.