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Vapor cigarette brands are growing, and with so many brands to choose from, consumers can become confused. Being the premier vapor cigarette brand review site on the Internet, we put in time to make a factual site with all the information you’ll need to make an educated purchase. We update this page frequently, and often times we’ll change our recommendations based on shipping times, inventory, and customer service complaints.

There are many places you can find vapor cigarettes reviews on the web – but our site is different, and this page details the idiosyncrasies that make each brand unique. It’s important you know how to use the e cigarette brand reviews you read so you can find the top vapor cigarette that suits your social and mental needs. While some people look for a casual puff of vapor, others seek nicotine delivery and “throat hit.” We try to note where brands differentiate in these regards in our reviews.

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Top E Cigs – Breakdown for 2014

We do our best to post our own opinions while still allowing consumers to rate the various brands as well. That is why this vapor cigarette brands review site is more of a database for information more than a typical product review site. We like to think of the wealth of information posted here as a guidebook to help consumers help each other by posting reviews and experiences.

Now, on to the e cigarette reviews and analysis of the major e cig brands. We update the site frequently and are on top of the latest changes in packaging, batteries, cartridge offers, and of course, sales. We’re all about saving money along the way.

V2: World’s Most Popular Vapor Cigarette

V2 Cigs has stood out from the other electronic cigarette brands since late 2010, and is the obvious choice by our blog readers, review team, and according to, ex-tobacco smokers across the world!

The Facts about V2:

  • V2 is rated the top brand according to, which tracks popularity of internet traffic.
  • V2 Cigs won over our entire panel of ex-tobacco smokers.
  • V2 customers all post great things about their customer service.

Our personal experience, dating to mid 2010, has been nothing but on the “up and up” with this brand. V2 has grown it’s product line substantially, and has become the number one selling brand due to all of the hard work their core team of engineers has put into the company. Keep in mind, this company started selling e-cigarettes in a very primitive, grassroots manner with one goal: to change the way society gets their nicotine, one puff at a time. Their simple approach to making quality products has worked, and consumers have flocked to this brand in droves. Congratulations to V2 Cigs, the #1 best selling electronic cigarette, hands down.

V2 Cigs - best ecig electronic vapor cigarette!


How We Choose the Best E Cigs

1. Consumer opinions.

You, the consumer, count! Let your voice be heard. Good reviews, bad reviews, ugly reviews, they are all welcome and as long as they are clean (we will censor reviews of harsh tones as well as weed out any direct promotion of other websites). Consumers are the most important part of this blog, and YOU are the consumer. Submit your opinion and help keep the site up to date with all the latest information on the subject of electronic cigarette reviews.

You Spoke, we listened. In late 2011, the Safe Cig generated many complaints. Accordingly, we issued a warning on all people who are considering purchasing from this brand. Your voice was heard, and we thank you.

2. Our personal use and reviews.

We like to try the e cigarettes just as much as you. For that reason, we will post our own opinions on the site and ensure the consumer sentiment is not only on-target but factual. If a company changes their offer, we like to ensure we are up to date with all of our information. (remember, it was only a year ago Blu Cigs had a three piece offer and now they’ve made drastic changes to their devices).

3. Customer service and reliability.

Many companies make great products, but if their customer support lacks, they can take a hike. We’ll expose brands that have sub-par customer support or who run blatant rip-off schemes. You can count on us pointing out the ugly companies out there and telling you which ones to avoid.

Not far Behind E Cig Brands:

Vapor Zone.  

Offering custom e-liquids and arguably the best selection of vaporizers on the planet, you have to check out Vapor Zone.

Green Smoke.

One of the first e cig brands to hit the USA market, Green Smoke is popular globally as well.  Owned by Phillip Morris, you can’t go wrong with Green Smoke ecigs.

Bull Smoke.

Iconic branding, and a simple, yet high quality product.  The first brand to offer 2.4% mg nicotine cartridges, Bull Smoke offers the best prices in the business, hands down.  Check out Bull Smoke.