V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Review V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs e-cigarette brand has been our unanimous choice since 2011.

You’ll be excited to hear that for our continued media coverage, the brand has given us an exclusive coupon for anyone shopping for V2Cigs AND their sister brand, Vapor Couture, products.  Use coupon code “AndyG15″ and save an unprecedented 15% off on anything you buy at their website!

In addition to this, we’re giving away one starter kit each week from both VMR Products brands.  Simply leave a comment saying “enter me” and each week you’ll be entered for a FREE starter kit.  Scroll to the bottom for more information.

The V2 Cigs brand is the best for many reasons.  For starters, let’s start at the most important part of an e-cigarette:  the battery.  It’s 4.2 volts of vapor-pushing power.  It’s sleek by design and available in many colors and sizes.  Everyone on our panel participated in our V2 Cigs review agreed the thickness of the vapor was the best when compared to other e-cigarette brands.

V2 Cigs provides so many options for consumers who want to build an e-cig starter kit to their preferences, and that’s what makes their brand special.

Pay attention, because we believe this is the most complete v2 Cigs review you’ll find online.

If you are an electronic cigarette user and you have a bad taste in your mouth about the experience your current brand has provided, it’s time to take a serious look at V2 Cigs.  We’ve been covering this brand since late 2010, when they had entirely different branding and a different logo.  The progress they have achieved in the e-cig industry is unrivaled.  Advancements have been made to all aspects of their brand, even when many people feel that the V2 Cigs brand is at the top of the e-cigarette mountain.

V2 Cigs Review – Read How to Save Money with V2 Cigs Coupons

We’re on the media list with V2 Cigs and their marketing department always updates us FIRST when there are sales and promotions.  When in doubt, the coupon “AndyG” will always unlock the highest amount of savings possible at their official website.

Andy is an e-cigarette journalist who contributes to our site now.   (He also feels V2 Cigs is the best brand.)   He was the first person to introduce us to V2 Cigs and once we tried it, we all agreed it was the best e cigarette brand.  Keep reading if you want to read the full details and get technical.

Visit V2Cigs here and save big!

V2 Cigs Review by ECigaretteReviews.com.  EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:  Andy Gray reviews the V2Cigs Ultimate Kit.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Review & Unboxing

V2 Cigs prides itself in offering advanced technology and a sleek, professional design.  They are the “Apple” of e-cigs.  It’s really a special brand doing big things.

V2 Cigs coupon “AndyG15” will always work to save 15%.  If it doesn’t work, just use “AndyG” and it’ll unlock whatever promo is going on.

Save money at V2Cigs with our coupon codes!

Let’s talk more about the wide variety of products you can buy from V2cigs.com.

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Options Reviewed

One option to get into the V2Cigs brand is called the Standard Kit.  Price:  $64.95 

  • One manual battery and one automatic battery.
  • Both essential charging devices.  Wall and USB.
  • Of course, you get the marketing material which includes instructions on how to use the products.
  • You get 10 cartridge refills of your choice with this kit.

While the Standard Kit is a Popular Option, the Ultimate Kit is the best Value in E-Cigarettes

  • Currently priced at $159.95, this kit has the works!

25 cartridges.  Divided into 5 packs. (5).  Choose 5 different flavors/strengths of your liking.

3 batteries.  Again, all your choice!

You even get a carrying case and a charging case (PCC.)  Choose your favorite colors and really go custom!

Accessories included are:  car adapter, lanyard, v2 charger kit, and the power e-cig.  So you get a HUGE variety of stuff here, and if you watch the video Andy did, you’ll see how complete this kit is and how well packaged it is.

ECigaretteReviews.com Advice:  If you are confident you will be a long term electronic cigarette smoker, or if you have a friend or relative who is interested in smoking electronic cigarettes, jump in with two feet and get the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit.  It’s the best value.

In 2012, V2 updated their logo and entire line of packaging.  Even their web-interface got a facelift….read more below.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit - in depth review for 2013Build your kit online and check out how it changes as you customize every component.  No other electronic cigarette brand allows you the options that V2 does.  This really is a custom way to get involved in e-cigarette smoking according to your exact lifestyle preferences.

Consumers are raving about V2 Cigs.  The other V2 Cigs reviews, led by Andy Gray’s proclamation in 2010 that V2 had “taken over” remain strong.

This is the brand we’re recommending until further notice.  It’s really unbeatable on all levels.


For anyone looking for tips on which type of tobacco flavor you may enjoy, here are a few tips:

If you smoke/use Parliament cigarettes, choose Congress.

If you enjoy Marlboro flavors or smilar tobacco tastes, try “RED.”

You may have seen V2 Cigs in the media outlets below.  Thanks for reading our V2 Cigs review.

Maxim V2 Cigs ad

V2 Cigs appeared in Maxim in August 2011

Enquirer V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs appeared in the Enquirer in June of 2011

Rolling Stone v2 cigs ad

V2 Cigs appeared in Rolling Stone in July 2011

V2 cigs has garnered plenty of attention in the Miami area and often sponsors charity events, fund raisers, and corporate events.

You can Visit the v2 Cigs Store Here

Check out the new V2 Cigs Soft Case – a MUST-HAVE accessory for all V2 Cigs Smokers.  Just released!

A new release of V2Cigs brand.

Thanks for reading the V2 Cigs review. Be sure to use the V2 Cigs coupon code AndyG15 when you order.  

V2 Cigs disposable electronic cigarettes

60 Responses to “V2 Cigs Review”

  1. Marco G.

    V2 Cigs Rock! I like the manual battery, which lets you fill your mouth with a cloud of smoke before letting it all out to show the world how much vapor you are getting.

    I haven’t heard a bad mark about this company and think they are currently among the better brands out there.

  2. Nicole

    The shipping is slow, although the bank account reduction is fast. They are frequently running out of cartridges and they don’t inform you unless you call. The cartridges are not anywher near equal to a pack of cigarettes. The vapor production with the manual is great! I would try a company that has it together.

  3. Reese M.

    Can’t say great things about shipping time, but the prodcuts are GREAT. I have effectively quit smoking with V2 Cigs and find the vapor cigarettes to be a great thing.

  4. Joe Kanu

    As electronic cigarettes go, the V2 is of above average quality and a comparatively good value but handling time and customer service is simply terrible. I cannot in good conscience recommend a company that routinely accepts payment for speedy shipping and handling yet sits on their hands for days before even handling an order. I suspect V2 is just a drop shipper acting as a US retailer with a storefront just like most of the others. In short, your order is likely taken and filled by an overseas company who ships to V2 who then rebags and ships to customers in the US. That’s about the only plausible explanation for their consistently slow delivery times.

  5. Glen A.

    Product is great. Orders take over 7 days to recieve if you use Priority mail…i placed order 3-14, they say it should ship out their door by 3-21. found this out after contacting them for tracking # today 3-17….I will look for another company that sells refills that will work on their batteries.

  6. Dorothy

    I placed my order on Saturday and paid Fedex 2-day shipping. Received my order on Thursday. Every thing works as advertised. The reviews and the v2cig forum have discouraging information about back orders and most customers suggest having another ecig on the side for back up when waiting on orders from v2cig. I placed an order for carts on Friday and my order status says it is waiting for pickup for shipment. Which is what it said shortly after placing my order. Don’t understand why it wasn’t picked up today. Looking for back up ecig just in case.

  7. J. Wilson

    The starter kit is great you get a great product with lots of extras for the money. The only complaint is the shipping It took 5 days to ship the starter kit. They did refund the money I payed for the faster shipping to a store credit account.

  8. Chris J.

    My favorite e cigarette brand is V2. More vapor, more accessories, and a very innovational product. I am very pleased

  9. H R Lanzoni

    Smoked cigs for 45 years. About a week ago took my first drag from a V2 e cig. From that very first drag I have not even thought of or missed my my “real” cigs. My coughing has just about stopped, and I am sleeping a lot better. Where was this product 10 years ago? Many people including myself could have save alot of wear and tear on their bodies not to mention their pocket books.

  10. Wicky

    wow, can you believe I am without a smoke for 1 month. Holy Moses do this with V2. I swear I’m about to jump off a tower with energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. chris

    i tried many e cgs
    thats the best i found so far
    best value for the money
    best selection of starter kits best on accesoiries
    smooth draw very good vapor special with the manual batt.
    fast shipping im a canadian and it took 5 days for the product to arive

    the only draw back is their shipping cost
    but in the end thumps up for v2

  12. Misha G.

    V2 Cigs have been my favorite electronic cigarette so far. I was a bit turned off when I ordered (February of 2011) and the back-order was a few weeks. Totally bummed, but when I got it, was worth the wait. I am a loyal V2 smoker and have tried two other brands that I did not see listed on this website. Bleh! I have found my answer to smoking, it’s v2 cigs.

  13. Forrest Deakins

    It’s hard to see sharp websites on this topic, but you sound like you know what the heck you are doing!

  14. Tonya

    I bought the green smoke starter kit I just got it yesterday and they have a sweet taste to them and I do not like that does v2 have that with there regular flavors? I am looking for a taste close to the real thing and I have two reg flavors from green smoke and both have a sweet taste

  15. Emma

    I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  16. Nichol

    I ordered from V2 for the first (and last) time on March 11th. On March 18th, I got an email from them changing my order status to “awaiting fulfillment.” I emailed them and said that was fine but since I paid for expedited shipping, I wanted my shipping for free. They told me that they were working on “something” to make it up to people but wouldn’t tell me what that was and said it would NOT be a shipping refund. They also had no actual shipping date to give me. I cancelled my order, ordered from Green Smoke instead and had my merchandise three days later at a lower shipping cost. I would never in a million years attempt to do business with V2 again.

    • admin

      Hi Nichol,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. We don’t hear that much from V2 Cigs, as they have a superb customer service team by all accounts. Thanks for sharing, – STAFF

  17. Rob


    I believe V2 cigs CS has vastly improved over the last few months.

    I placed a few orders with them recently and they all shipped within 24 hours.

    CS is very helpful if you have any questions or concerns.

  18. Connor

    Hey, had a quick question for all you consumers. I’m planning on purchasing a starter kit from the v2 site but I don’t have a credit card, all I have is a prepaid debit card. From past experiences, the prepaid debit card only works with merchants within the U.S. That being said, do you know if v2cigs is domestically based (within the U.S.) or internationally based? Thanks in advance!

  19. Christina

    JUST ORDERED MY STANDARD STARTER KIT LAST NIGHT! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE DISCOUNT CODE, TOOK $11 OFF MY ORDER!!! :) I tried a cheap gas station brand, Electracig, which wasn’t too bad, but thanks to your site I have much higher hopes for V2.

  20. Jason

    I ordered the V2 Traveler kit and received it today.
    At this time I am a smoker of 1 1/2 packs of full-flavor menthol cigarettes. I have smoked for over 30 years, and have tried everything to stop. I dipped snuff exclusively for a little over a year; that was as long as I ever went without smoke.
    I am absolutely dumbfounded at how well this product simulates smoking. I am by nature a skeptical person, a a tough critic. These things work, plain and simple, and work so well I can hardly believe it. Despite reports by “researchers” that claim this product does not deliver nicotine as well as cigarettes, I assure you that it delivers plenty…. Since getting the kit this morning I would have normally smoked at least 4 cigarettes. Instead I have taken about 30 puffs off this ecig, and have no craving whatsoever. I will be reporting back on this product after a complete testing, at least 2 weeks. If you are interested in trying this, you will not be wasting your money. I am certain that even if you do not stop smoking altogether, you will find this product worth way more than you paid.
    Setting tobacco on fire and inhaling the smoke is the worst possible way to get nicotine in your body. If you are addicted to nicotine, try e-cigs. I have no experience with any other brand, but even the partially-charged battery I tried when the V2 package arrived produced vapor that absolutely amazed me, and after a half-dozen drags I had no more craving for a cigarette. It works.

    • Kathy

      As a menthol smoker, what flavor e cig did you order? One person commented that the menthol e cig tasted too sweet.

      • admin

        Menthol! Everyone has an opinion, but there isn’t another flavor that will satisfy you if you are looking for menthol.

  21. Kristi

    Okay – so I just ordered the Couple’s Kit for me and my hubby! Thanks for the promo code – saved me some money and I appreciate that! Can’t wait to get the V2 Cigs because my husband and I have tried EVERYTHING many times over to quit smoking – even the store e-cigs and NOTHING has worked! Wish us luck and I will keep you posted!

  22. Deanna Antczak

    We were smo0king the V2 for a few months and have to say their batteries are terrific but unless you get their menthol brand the others leave alot to be desired. you get a few puffs out of them and then taste chemical. one box of their Congress had no juice in them at all. Best bet is to buy their juice and fill your own.

  23. Sandy

    I’ve been researching e-cigarettes and V2 has alot of favorable reviews, but I’m wondering if they are going to taste like the cigarettes I’m smoking now, or at least similar to the taste. I smoke full flavor Marlboro, a pack and a half every day, and I would love nothing more than to quit!! With money so tight, I’m wanting to make sure that I’m getting a product that I will be satisfied with.

    • admin

      Hi Sandy,

      Get the “reds” and you will be very happy. That’s the best advice I can give you.

  24. batato

    First – a cartridge last same as (Maybe) 7 to 10 real cigs, not a Pack. I have the LONG battery and that last about a half a day…not a full day ever for me. Granted I am using this to quit smoking and yes its working. Overall I give V2 an A- rating…very good product and company.

    Customer Service – You talk to a LIVE person and I have gotten positive results A+ (One of the main reasons I will stick with them).

    Product – Like everyone else says…excellent product (B+ because my Manual battery is having an issue / Must press button very hard now) Gonna get replacement.

    Ordering – Not happy with OUT OF STOCK after paying. This needs to be corrected

    FLAVORS – Menthol to help me quit my NEWPORT Cig cravings (A-) Coffee – Taste good but can’t smoke it all day (B rating for me) … these are the only 2 flavors I have tried.

    E-Liquid – LOVE the Menthol E Liquid – works great (A+)

    thats all folks

  25. admin


    Many people have different feelings on “how long a cartridge actually lasts.” It’s a commonly debated topic on all sorts of electronic cigarette forums and we debate this internally as well. It all depends on how you gauge “how long it lasts.” This is because many smokers will say “a pack lasts me a week.” However, when you have an e-cigarette, we find it’s actually being used much more often than a traditional analog cigarette. (You can smoke it anywhere, you know – that adds up.) So, there are two views on that. I think it lasts about 3/4 of a pack, personally. Some of the other writers will argue it lasts like 1.5 packs. All in the eye of the user and up to their habits.

    I’m glad you left a real review – that’s what this site was built for. It does sound like you may have a defective battery as our V2 batteries don’t share the same characteristics. Contact their customer service, they are usually quick to replace a defective item. Just our advice…


  26. Jon M.

    I feel this IS the best electronic cigarette for everyone’s liking. It has everything one would need and allows the user to customize each order to their style and preferences. I’ve tried other e-cigarette technologies and just haven’t found anything that compares.

    Thanks for such a thorough review and for breaking down everything, you made it an easy choice, and after some trial and error, I’m all set on V2 Cigs.

    Thanks again,

    Jon Marsh
    Loveland, Colorado

  27. Joanna Bard

    Lucky me, I got one of the green batteries for St. Patties day! So cool!

    • admin


      The V2 Cigs website is re-launching. You’ll see a whole new look/feel and more importantly, enhanced product line!

  28. Tom

    These guys are AWESOME! Great customer service and a great product! Wonderful selection of flavors, strengths, and even the option to refill cartridges. You don’t even need to be part of some program with them to receive free replacements on malfunctioning batteries. They simply accept it as part of your warranty! No hassles; no fuss; and a great product to boot. The website is even a pinnacle of customer service. This is the way to do business and keep customers coming back!

    • admin

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comments on V2 Cigs. We obviously feel the same way. V2 Rocks.

  29. Erin

    I would like to know if the tobacco flavors actually taste like a real tobacco cigarette… I recently tried blu & I don’t think the tobacco tastes like tobacco at all & isn’t something that I would want to smoke all the time & doesn’t satisfy my cravings for a real cigarette. Flavor is key.

  30. Allen

    This is one of the most complete write-ups on V2 Cigs I’ve seen. Thanks for the coupon, I’ll be using it this weekend to get a kit for 4th of July. Thanks again!

  31. Greg

    I’ve been using V2cigs for about a year. I highly recommend them and this company if you want to “kick” the tobacco habit, but still enjoy smoking. I reluctantly ordered the e-cig at my wife’s urging. Man, what a surprise! Here’s my top 8 benefits of using V2cigs:

    1. My wife doesn’t complain about my smoking (she says she doesn’t even smell it in the car or in the house!)
    2. My clothes (and me!) don’t smell like an ash tray anymore.
    3. I don’t cough, or cough up phlem anymore!
    4. No burn holes in clothes or anything else anymore.
    5. No filthy ashtrays, or looking for a place to extinguish a butt.
    6. It costs about 1/4 as much (or less) as cigarettes.
    7. You can ‘smoke’ the e-cig in a public place, (or even in a
    restaurant restroom without anybody knowing if you’re discreet)
    8. I quit smoking tobacco cigerettes. (which is actually #1 !!!)

    Contrary to some of the comments, personally I have had great customer service from V2cigs. They even quickly replaced a faulty battery after 6 months under the lifetime warranty very quickly.

    Great product and good customer service.

    • Moderator - Shawn

      Thanks Greg. We always encourage comments and suggestions from readers. It goes a long way into helping others really appreciate all we put into this site. Thanks again for sharing your V2 Cigs Review with us!

  32. Lisa

    I really like how they cut prices by 20%! Huge move and got me ordering much more!

    • Moderator - Shawn

      That certainly goes a long way to helping make a decision to buy V2 Cigs. :)

  33. RG

    Glad you’re website has so much info. Ordered a V2 starter kit to try this out. I will add comments after I have used the V2 for a while. Thanks also for the coupon code. Every little bit helps.

  34. sharyn manns

    is there any recent info on V2?? I’ve used for 18 months – was very satisfied…but last 2/3 months having problems: ordered a supply of carts(month long vacation trip) in July-got coffee flavor w/3 different colors of printing & 3 shades of brown, plus 3 different tastes…V2 says “No changes made, no refund,” etc. etc. Ordered menthol carts & received “mint tea” – V2 says”we were out of menthol” – calls resulted in promises(not fulfilled) so on & so on. Very leery at this point – trying to decide what my next step is….any help out there?

    • Moderator - Shawn

      Hi Sharyn,

      Perhaps you caught them in the middle of a pantone color change. (That’s the color on the filter tips, it happens as new marketing/product changes roll out.) I’ve never heard of poor customer service at V2 – who did you speak with? We can get you in touch with the right person and trust me when they read about things like that here, they take action. Please get back in touch and we’ll ensure you are satisfied as they usually take things very seriously like this.

      Btw, did you like the Mint Tea?

      If you are looking for a VERY similar product, I’d suggest you check out Bull Smoke. the batteries use the same technology and are 4.2 volt and really unique. That’s if you are fed up with V2 and insist on going a different route.


  35. al

    awaiting my first order for v2 cartridges to try…tried a total of 5 other brands so far…they all suck except the Logic brand…good taste and good vapor but do not last as long as advertised. i know this is a big topic but i smoke about the same all the time and some will last longer than others, any where from 3 days to 1 day only and they are $10 bucks each !

    i love all the benefits of an e-cig and have given up real cigarettes for almost a month now, shortly after starting with the Logic brand but they are breaking me doing so. after all the great reviews i have read from many sources not just V-2′s web site i thought i would give them a try over some of the other highly rated names. i chose 1 flavor to test that was closest to my brand of real cigarettes. will possibly order their sampler package later for my own testing for other flavors that may appeal to me…

    based on their equations the e-liquids are the most cost effective and by my calculations i would spend an average of $30 – $50 dollars per month. i’m spending that much and more per week right now with the Logic…

    so i am excited at receiving my first order and giving V2 a try and will write an honest review then.

    not gonna give up on vapor till i find the one for me. hope V2 is the one !

    • Moderator - Shawn


      Good luck to you buddy. V2 Cigs is top notch in our books and I know you’ll have success with them.


  36. Shana

    How is the vapor created? I had heard that e-cigs dry out the mouth. Is this common?

  37. Dan C

    1st, enter me in the V2 Cigs drawing, please.
    2nd, I ordered an Ultimate Kit from V2 & got it on 4/23/12. I have not bought a single pack of “real” cigarettes since receiving it! I had previously smoked about a carton of Salem Slim 100′s per week. I was not looking to quit as I enjoy smoking too much, but V2′s product gave me the exact same experience. Even better, actually!

    When I got kit I still had 7 cigarettes left. I put the partial pack in Tupper Ware & put it in the freezer in case I went back to them (I hate stale cigs). After 3 days of ABSOLUTELY LOVING the V2′s I wanted to see if it was all in my head, so I took 1 Salem out of the freezer. After 3 puffs I had to put it out and throw it away like a piece of garbage…it just tasted like a burnt nasty thing.

    In my experience “Are they as good as a real cigarette?” is not a proper question since they are far superior in terms of health, cost and “smoking experience” without your breath/home/car/clothes etc stinking of that burnt cigarette smell. Your white lace curtains are not dirty or dusty…they are discolored by all the tar you are constantly exhaling into your living room.

    Your local bar’s tan or brown ceiling was most likely originally white and is now simply covered in cigarette tar. This same tar clogs up the pores of your lungs. Cavemen used to weave baskets out of twigs to carry stuff. They eventually discovered they could coat these woven baskets with tar so they could also carry water. Your lung tissues are about as thick as a paper towel (which can be breathed thru if held over your mouth). As the pores of the lungs become filled with tar, this “paper towel” is changed into a piece of “duct tape” which will suffocate you.

    Not to mention the 4200 plus chemicals produced by burning tobacco!

    Anyway, I am thrilled with my V2, and even bought an Ultimate Kit for my Brother-In-Law, too. I refill my own cartridges with “Menthol Tobacco” and “Super Menthol Tobacco” from ZeeCig.com.

    The only difference between E-cigs & real cigs is puffs length. I typically drew on my Salem for 1.5 seconds. I tend to draw on an E-cig for 3 to 6 seconds.

    Also, with real cigs I just wanted whatever brand/flavor I normally smoked. With E-cigs, for some reason, I seem to prefer variety. I have about 5 flavors that I rotate through with the 2 ZeeCig flavors mentioned above as my main flavors.

    Hope this helps someone,

    Dan C.


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