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V2 Cigs Long Chrome Battery V2 Electronic Cigarette Coupons & Review 2014


The V2 e-cigarette brand has been the best selling electronic cigarette since 2011.

You’ll be excited to hear that for our years of coverage, we have the best V2 Cigs Coupon selection known to man!

Save 10% on V2 accessories.

Save 15% on V2 Starter Kits.

Save up to 40% when they offer sales. We detail all of the savings, plus give you our in depth V2 Cigs review, on this very page.

V2 Cigs Coupons

The V2 E Cigarette brand is the best for many reasons. For starters, let’s start at the most important part of an e-cigarette: the battery. It’s 4.2 volts of vapor-pushing power. It’s sleek by design and available in many colors and sizes. Everyone on our panel participated in our review of V2 agreed the thickness of the vapor was the best when compared to other e-cigarette brands.

V2 eCigs provides so many options for consumers who want to build an e-cigarette starter kit to their preferences, and that’s what makes their brand special.

Pay attention, because we believe this is the most complete consumer report of V2 ecigs you’ll ever read.

If you smoke e cigarettes and you have a bad taste in your mouth about the experience your current brand has provided, it’s time to take a serious look at V2. We’ve been covering this brand since late 2010, when they had entirely different branding and a different logo. The progress they have achieved in the e-cig industry is unrivaled. Advancements have been made to all aspects of their brand, even when many people feel that the V2 brand is at the top of the e-cigarette mountain.

Since 2010 it’s been the Best Selling Brand

Being a long-time journalist portal covering all of the major electronic cigarette brands, we’ve seen a lot of “me too” brands come and go from the scene.  Some e cig brands couldn’t keep up with the climate of customers buying their products at a rapid pace, and some couldn’t keep up with the industry trends (creating new flavor cartridges, accessories, and enticing consumers to load up on times of promotions and epic sales events.)

One company that has not only kept up with the growth, but also trended up with all of the latest product offerings, is the parent company of V2, VMR Products.  With offices in Miami, Florida, and operations spanning well into China, the company now operates several brands, has a retail presence in addition to it’s massive online reach, and has over 200 employees.  When we started covering the company, they had about 15 working in a makeshift office/warehouse complex.  Now, their tower in Miami is the largest in the e-cigarette industry, and the company has expanded it’s efforts well past accessories, and now offers the V2 Pro Series vaporizers in addition to their new EX Cartridges and EX batteries.

The long and short end of the summary above is that V2Cigs continues to excel and lead the industry.  We’re just here to convey that message and have officially anointed it the top brand to buy for four years running.  (And we’re also bridging the gap with some exclusive V2 Cigs Coupons that will save you up to 40% off!)

Visit V2Cigs here and save big!

ECigaretteReviews.com. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Andy Gray reviews the V2Cigs Ultimate Kit.

V2 Ultimate Kit Review & Unboxing

The company prides itself in offering advanced technology and a sleek, professional design. They are the “Apple” of e-cigs. It’s really a special brand doing big things.

The V2 coupon code you’ll unlock below is to be copied and pasted into checkout at V2Cigs.com.  If you wish to buy a kit, you’ll unlock savings of 15%.  If you want anything else, you’ll save 10%.  If you use these coupons in conjunction with any other sale offered, you can save 25%, 30%, or even 40%!
The V2 Electronic Cigarettes Review 2014
Let’s talk more about the wide variety of products you can buy from V2cigs.com.

V2 Standard Starter Kit Options Reviewed

One option to get into the V2Cigs brand is called the Standard Kit. Price: $64.95

  • One manual battery and one automatic battery.
  • Both essential charging devices. Wall and USB.
  • Of course, you get the marketing material which includes instructions on how to use the products.
  • You get 10 cartridge refills of your choice with this kit.

While the Standard Kit is a Popular Option, the Ultimate Kit is the best Value in E-Cigarettes

  • Currently priced at $169.95, this kit has the works!

July 2014 Notice:  The Ultimate Kit now comes with the longer lasting, more flavorful EX Cartridges in addition to the EX Batteries.  This new release has many features!

25 cartridges. Divided into 5 packs. (5). Choose 5 different flavors/strengths of your liking.

3 batteries. Again, all your choice!

You even get a carrying case and a charging case (PCC.) Choose your favorite colors and really go custom!

Accessories included are: car adapter, lanyard, v2 charger kit, and the power e-cig. So you get a HUGE variety of stuff here, and if you watch the video Andy did, you’ll see how complete this kit is and how well packaged it is.

ECigaretteReviews.com Advice: If you are confident you will be a long term electronic cigarette smoker, or if you have a friend or relative who is interested in smoking electronic cigarettes, jump in with two feet and get the V2 Ultimate Kit. It’s the best value.

The Ultimate Starter KitBuild your kit online and check out how it changes as you customize every component. No other electronic cigarette brand allows you the options that V2 does. This really is a custom way to get involved in e-cigarette smoking according to your exact lifestyle preferences.

This is the brand we’re recommending until further notice. It’s really unbeatable on all levels.


For anyone looking for tips on which type of tobacco flavor you may enjoy, here are a few tips:

If you smoke/use Parliament cigarettes, choose Congress.

If you enjoy Marlboro flavors or similar tobacco tastes, try “RED.”

You can Visit the v2 E Cigarette Store Here

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  1. Anthony Zambrano

    Can you update us on the impact of the EX cartridges? What’s new about them?

    • Moderator - Shawn

      Hey Anthony,

      They last longer and have a clear gauge that allows you to see how much liquid remains in the cartridge. It’s very cool. You will also find the airflow sensor is much more “tight.” This helps air flow and proper vapor delivery. Overall, it’s a much more enhanced product.

  2. Henrietta Quinn

    Yeah, I was fulfilled with everything I needed to make a purchase. Thanks! I even used the coupons provided to save 30% (they had a sale so I got an extra 15% off)

    Thanks once again!


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