VaporFi E Cig Review

VaporFi is the new name for the world class brand that was formerly known as Vapor Zone.  They still offer the same great vaporizers and e-liquid products, but they have a new, more encompassing name. VaporFi vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are world class, and I don’t care what they call them to be honest!

VaporFi Coupons

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VaporFi Air Review

VaporFi Air Battery

The dynamic VaporFi Air battery.

Having received a rating of 5 of 5 stars, the VaporFi Air is an incredible vaporizer in a small package. It’s the perfect entry-level vaping pen for those who are just beginning to delve into more advanced models, as well as great additional model for more experienced users who want a smaller sized, simpler unit that doesn’t skimp on power or performance. The VaporFi Air boasts a powerful 350 mAh battery, a 0.9ml sized tank, and a decent selection of accessories that it works with. This is an amazing vaporizer, albeit quite simple and straightforward, and it really performs!

What’s Included in Your Air Starter Kit:

  • 350 mAh Battery
  • Air Cartomizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • User Manual


The VaporFi Air vaporizer works with only one battery. However, this battery was made to perform, and if your only experience prior was with standard, 2-piece e-cigarettes, you’re going to be blown away! The device’s small size is deceiving because the battery is large enough to exert a lot of power. While the 350 mAh is smaller and less forceful than many other batteries out there on the market, having such a petite size (it fits in the palm of your hand) creates an equal balance that lacks nothing in terms of power. Expect a long life with each charge, and excellent vapor production. Many users are very satisfied with its performance, and it’s a top choice among those who enjoy the smaller size.

VaporFi Air Cartomizer Tank

The VaporFi Air vaporizer works with just one cartomizer option. While it doesn’t have the largest capacity at 0.9ml, you have to remember that this is a smaller unit. Many who’ve used it have reported no issues, even with fairly heavy use. Combined with the battery, the vapor production is excellent and creates exceptional vapor volume, and the taste comes out very clean.

VaporFi Air

The best selling starter kit offered by VaporFi

Air USB Charging Cable

The USB charger is an absolute must have when vaping, and using the Air’s USB charger will keep your life simple. Digital cigarettes call for digital accessories, and since most people use computers and tablets daily, using their USB ports come in very handy. We always suggest owning a few of these because they really are useful, versatile, and they do go anywhere.

Air Wall Adapter

The VaporFi Air wall charger is Universal, meaning it works with all other VaporFi batteries, so this is especially useful if you have a few different models. Convenient, goes anywhere, and very beneficial to have!

30 Day Money Back

VaporFi is great about customer satisfaction, and all of their products are sold with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, as well as a 90 Day Warranty. So, if you aren’t satisfied with something, or something fails, you have the option to send it back. They are great about their commitment to quality and have amazing customer service. This is a brand that offers 5 star products and services, I recommend them entirely!

VaporFi Coupons

On a Budget? Read the Express Kit Review

Although not a disposable e-cigarette, the VaporFi Express contains a disposable cartridge that comes pre-filled with phenomenal 100% USA custom e-liquids.   Simply attach the disposable cartridge to the VaporFi Express battery, vape away and then discard. Expect voracious flavor, tremendous vapor production and awesome throat hit when vaping with Express pre-filled cartridges. Guaranteed to provide you with the top performance and peak vapor production experience you have been seeking. Express disposable cartridges offer you the option to choose your preferred level of nicotine. These are the levels you can choose from;

3.6% – Bold

2.4% – Full Flavor

1.8% – Regular

1.2% – Light

0.6% – Ultra Light

You can expect satisfaction and intense flavor in every puff. The e-liquids in Express pre-filled cartridges go beyond food grade, they were designed to be inhaled. Comprised of USP grade Kosher materials and with the purest glycerin sourced from Malaysian palm so it is free of peanuts, in addition to being diacetyl-free. The Express Pre-filled cartridges come in 5 different flavors;

  • Express Classic Tobacco (5 pack)
  • Express Mighty Menthol (5 pack)
  • Express Cherry Crush (5 pack)
  • Express Very Vanilla (5 pack)
  • Express Chocolate Dream (5 pack),

If you are interested in more flavor options, the Express is compatible with the Express Mini-Clear Clearomizer Tank which allows you to add any e-liquid you would like. With a .9ml tank capacity, you will be able to vape all day and still carry around one of the smallest e-cigs money can buy. If you are all about looks, the Express also can be used with refillable cartridges that match the color of the battery, giving you the classic look you are going for.

VaporFi E Liquids in the Express Starter Kit

The authentic e-liquid flavors come in a 30ml bottle and are manufactured in their own USA state of the art facility under the strictest of guidelines. All of their formulas are on file with the FDA, no hidden agenda here. These e-juices are better than food grade and are GRAS approved. Top notch natural ingredients like their Malaysian Palm based glycerin, so peanut allergies are not an issue, plus their e liquids are all diacetyl-free. And last but not least, these products come with “Lot Number” labels so that they can be traced to their origins. Don’t expect any generic, ill-performing, bad tasting nicotine e-liquid from Vapor Zone®. These guys just don’t do that.

The 100% USA-made e liquid can be blended any way you choose, resulting in over 30,000 different flavor combinations. Want strong tobacco taste? You can try “Classic Tobacco” or any other tobacco flavor VaporZone carries. Or maybe you prefer the refreshing taste of menthol, Vapor Zone carries 3 cool and clean menthol flavors, their top seller is called “Mighty Menthol”. Care for dessert? How does “Sinfully Cinnamon” or “Cheesecake Divine” sound? They offer you an almost endless list of amazing fruit flavors as well like Raspberry Razz, Watermelon Wave, Piña Colada… and more! And, if these are not enough flavor choices for you, there are even cocktail and drink flavors like “Double Espresso” or “Cuban Mojito.” And, if you are feeling particularly creative and want to experience a blend not yet being created, you can come up with your own e-liquid signature blend. The power is all yours with almost 30,000 possible flavor combinations, the possibilities are almost endless!

VaporFi E-Liquid Review

Not only does VaporFi carry some of the best Starter Kits around, VaporFi E-liquids are among the very best tasting available in the market today. This company produces their E-liquids under the strictest and highest level of quality that we’ve seen from any E-liquid manufacturer. VaporFi E-liquids are available in dozens of amazing single flavors and they also offer over 40 delicious top blends that have been custom created in-house. One of my absolute favorite blends that they carry is their Strawberry Cheesecake blend, which is equal parts Cheesecake, Strawberry and Graham Cracker, my mouth is watering just thinking about this blend. When it comes to taste, quality, purity, and selection, this is the brand to go with.

Vapor Zone E-Liquid

Buy exotic e-liquid blends or create your own distinct flavor – only at VaporZone.

Custom Blending

This is by far my favorite feature that this brand offers, the ability to custom blend your own e-liquid flavor. Their website makes it easy to blend up to three flavors, in a combination of either single or double shots, with your choice of nicotine strength (0-36mg). There is no other E-liquid company that I am aware of that is offering a service like this. Recently I customized my own blend and added a double shot of Red Hot Cinnamon with a single shot of Juicy Red Apple and the blend was absolutely delicious!


When it comes to quality, no shortcuts are taken.   All of the VaporFi E-liquids are made in FDA-registered labs right here in the USA. Each order is freshly custom blended by their Vapetenders to ensure accuracy before it’s shipped out, so there is little room for error. The ingredients that they use are of the utmost quality, such as Malaysian Palm-sourced glycerin and USP Grade Kosher ingredients that are all on file with the FDA.


This growing brand’s e-liquids are priced very competitively, especially when you take into account the excellent quality and selection that you’re getting. All of their e-liquids, whether it’s a single flavor, top blend or a custom blend, are priced at $14.99 for a large 30ml bottle. When you break it down per ml, this price works out far better than most e-liquid vendors in the market. Each bottle comes standard with a child proof safety cap and a needle-tip that makes it easy to refill your cartridge or tank. I’m currently vaping with the VaporFi Pro.

Bottom Line

Because of their superior quality, taste, flavor selection and the ability to custom blend my own flavor, this company is my go-to e liquid supplier.   Click here for FREE SHIPPING.


The Rebel Starter Kit

If more than 5 stars were possible, the Rebel would receive them. We’ve posted many e cig reviews, but this is the first time we’ve had a chance to use a variable voltage product like the Rebel.

This is the absolute best vaporizer on the market, and even those who are new to vaping and high-powered vaping devices are impressed with its performance level. The amount of power and options it holds are simply revolutionary, especially for this market where there are new, innovative products coming out all the time. No one who has experienced the Rebel has been disappointed, it really is a marvel of technology and vaping pleasure. With this kit, you have two battery choices, the standard at 600 mAh, and the high capacity at 2200 mAh. Offering variable voltage, you also have the ability to control many aspects of the unit as you use it, to create customized vapor to your own specifications. What it comes down to with the Rebel is if you want total, utter satisfaction, the largest hits you can get from a vaporizer, and the ability to control nearly every aspect of its performance, this is the model for you.

What’s Included in Your Rebel Starter Kit:

1 Telescopic Variable Voltage Vaporizer
1 Rechargeable High Capacity Battery 2200 mAh
1 Rechargeable Standard Capacity Battery 600 mAh
1 Rebel 3.0 ml Dual Head Tank Cartomizer
1 Wall Charger
1 User Manual

Rebel Batteries

The Rebel batteries are essentials to powering this mind-blowing vaporizer. They feature variable voltage and are made to provide the intense hits and massive amounts of vapor production. The Rebel was designed for hardcore vapers, the enthusiasts and hobbyists who want the very best they can find, and the batteries were made to fulfill this need.

VaporFi Rebel Rechargeable High Capacity Battery (2200mAh)

The Rebel High Capacity battery gives you intense power and intense performance. 2200 mAh is nothing to joke about; this is seriously one of the most powerful batteries on the market.

Rebel Rechargeable Standard Capacity Battery (600mAh)

The Rebel Standard Capacity battery offers a very high level of performance, however in a smaller size. It powers the Rebel vaporizer beautifully, and offers incredible levels of vapor and flavor.

Rebel Dual Head Tank Cartomizer

Just like the innovative Rebel itself, the Dual Head Tank Cartomizer it comes with is made for exceptional performance and heavy usage. It produces some undeniably large vapor hits, and has an atomizer resistance of 1.6 ohm. The tank size is very large at 3.0 ml, so it holds a sizable amount of e-liquid, which is ideal for heavy vapers.

Rebel Wall Adapter

The Rebel Wall Adapter is an easy to use, go-anywhere charger, with 100-240V Input, and 3.7V Output. It works in any wall outlet, and its sleek design is not in any way cumbersome. If the Rebel is your model, we definitely suggest having at least two so you have a backup charger when needed.

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase anything from the Vaporfi brand, they offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so if you aren’t satisfied with something in that time period, send it back for a refund. What’s more is that they offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on the Rebel, so if you’ve got your eyes set on this beautiful vaping machine, rest assured that they cover it for a year, so the investment is very much protected.

This company is a 5-star company, with a wide range of 5-star products. They offer the best when it comes to performance and technology, and follow it up with exceptional service and policies. This brand is really worth it in every way, and they really are a pleasure, from the products to the personnel.

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